Switchable Glass


• Smart, innovative, and energy-efficient way to control indoor light intensity and temperature.

• Varied range of opacity levels can set according to the need of the moment.

• Effectively prevents harmful UV rays from entering indoors.

• High-quality glass/polycarbonate material used for manufacturing.

• Extremely useful in offices, homes, and car windows.

Specification and Details of Switchable Glass

A switchable glass, also known as ‘smart glass’, is one of the best innovations in recent times. In simple words, it is an effective solution to control the amount of sunlight or light entering indoors from the outside. With a simple switch, you can control the opacity level of the smart glass and regulate the amount of light which is allowed into the room. Some people may call it as a privacy glass or privacy window.

The switchable glass is made by sandwiching a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) between two sheets of high-quality transparent PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)/glass. The liquid crystal particles usually are arranged in a random way which makes light not to pass through, hence the glass completely opaque. However, when a small amount of electric current passed through the PDLC sheet, the liquid crystal particles change their positions into a uniform pattern. Aforementioned allows light to pass through it and become transparent. We make a sandwich of PDLC film between two clear sheets of glass of the highest quality. Here we use regular float glass or toughen glass.

Our PDLC sheet glass runs on electrochromic, photochromic, and thermochromic mechanisms, making it extremely adaptable to existing infrastructure. On top of this, we supply switchable glass in a variety of colors, thickness, and dimensions, to better suit your requirements. The switchable glass entirely resistant for excessive heat and even fire, to ensure optimal safety and reliability.

It is a competent and affordable solution to control the light intensity and indoor room temperature in an energy-efficient manner.

Applications of Switchable Glass

• Window panes/door panels at offices, shops, homes, and cars.

• Healthcare industry

• Sales counters/display cases

• Bank/ATM doors

• Monitor/server rooms

• Single/double-glazed façade

• Projector screen

Why Shilpa Enterprises?

We are the top choice for ordering a top-quality and reliable smart glass of hundreds of customers all over the world. We have maintained the highest level of production quality and supply to ensure the best product for all.

To know more about how you can order customized switchable glass from us, you can choose to call or an email us, using our Contact Us page.


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