Silver Conductive Paste
  • Silver Conductive Paste
  • Silver Conductive Paste

Silver Conductive Paste


Resistivity: 0.01 to 0.05 ohms/sq

Curing temperature: 120˚ C – 150˚ C / 30 – 60 seconds

Viscosity: 100,000 – 300,000 cP

Particle size: 200 nm (80%) / < 5 nm (20%)

Melting Point (MP): 960˚C (lit)

Boiling Point (BP): 2212˚C (lit)

Density: 10.49 g/cmᵌ (lit)

Storage temperature: 7˚ C – 15˚ C

Details and Specifications of Silver Conductive Paste

Silver Conductive Paste is a type of conductive adhesive, which has silver nano-particles as its main ingredient. It is also known as Silver Paint because of its color, components, and applications. It is highly thermally and electrically conductive. The silver paste offers extreme adhesion, which is very useful in many applications. It is mainly preferable for applications that need fast-curing adhesion as the product dries up quickly.

The product is suitable for thick film coatings where liquid silver is not an option. Once it dries up, it offers a very high glass transition temperature up to 67 ºC (153 ºF), prevents blocking, and offers superior adhesion to polyester film. The silver paste has been cured at 43 ºC within 10 - 15 minutes. Sometimes the curing process performs at high temperatures to reduce the curing time. The job of the product is to change the non-conductive surface into a conductive surface.

It mainly uses for screen printing to make PCBs. The percent loading of silver is more than 85%, whereas the remaining is adhesive and solvent. It is available to purchase directly on the website in a pack size of 10gm, 100gm, and 250gm. Since it is volatile, it thoroughly packs in a sealed glass bottle. The lifetime of silver paste is three months after the seal break. The silver particles settle mainly at the bottom; hence it is advisable to shake the bottle vigorously before use.


The properties of the Silver Conductive Paste are remarkable.

• It is made of the best conductive metal in this world; hence it is highly conductive than any other conductive paint.

• It has a density of 1630 kg/m3

• The Viscosity of 250 - 500 mPa.s

• The Curing temperature of the paste is 43 ºC/ 10-30 min.

• The melting point is 960 ºC, whereas the boiling point is 2211.5 ºC.

• It is a free-flowing semi-solid form paste.

• It has the lowest resistivity compared to other paste, which around 0.001 ohms/

Applications of Silver Conductive Paste

The Silver Conductive Paste works in electronic gadgets requiring strong adhesion, higher thermal and electrical conductivity, and the lightweight product, hence primarily used for PCBs. Besides this, it has popular applications in PV solar cells, soldering in electronic gadgets, a base for copper tape adhesion, and temperature-sensitive components of an electric circuit. It also utilizes in Smart films, smart glass, busbars, Scanning Electron Microscopy and acts as a barrier to protecting sensitive parts of a gadget from electromagnet radiation. It is also applied over Plastic film, ITO glass, and ITO film for making busbar connections.

How To Use ?

• The substrate should be free from dirt and grease, and it should be super-dry before use.

• Mix the paste homogeneously before use and make sure there are no solids particles at the bottom of the container.

• Use a brush for proper application.

• If the researchers want to use it for spray application, they should dilute the paste at a ratio of 2: 1 by any Pu Solvent. For better curing, reduce the amount of DAA if the evaporation speed of this mixture tends to be too low.

• After application, leave the product to dry for about 10 minutes. Researchers can handle the application area after 10 minutes approximately, depending on ambient temperature.

• For better coating, leave the product for 4 - 8 hours of air-drying

Safety Measures

• The product's storage temperature is between 41 and 86 ºF (5 and 30 ºC) for the product to last longer.

• The Silver Conductive Paste is highly flammable; therefore, we advise the researchers to take precautions while handling the product.

• Use alcohol-resistant foam, carbon dioxide, dry powder, or water fog to extinguish the fire. Do not use a water jet as a fire extinguisher, as it will spread the fire further.

• The researchers should wear PPE kits with proper masks, goggles, gloves, and face shields to protect from the dangerous emissions of the product.

• Follow the first aid guidelines in case of emergencies and accidents while using the product:

• If the researcher inhales the product accidentally, then move them to an open area.

• Remove any tight clothing to make the researcher comfortable.

• If the researcher is unconscious, make them lie on their side or stomach to breathe uninterruptedly. Inhaling the product may cause Headache, Nausea, vomiting, central nervous system depression, drowsiness, dizziness, and disorientation effect.

• Prolong contact with the product on naked skin causes dryness and irritation.

• If the product encounters skin, then wash it thoroughly.

• If the product encounters eyes, then rinse eyes thoroughly with clean and cold water.

• If the researcher was using any lens, remove it immediately.

Why Choose Us

As leading manufacturers and suppliers of research and development equipment and materials, we are precise about the quality of the products. Silver Conductive Paste is one of our main products that have an enormous demand in the market. We are highly precise with the conditioning and processing of the product to avoid any complaints from our clients. We run the product through various quality checks to ensure that there are no hitches in the development. Moreover, our product is cost-effective, so the clients receive a combo of desirable quantity, quality, and price under the same roof. We specialize in making a silver paste with different viscosities depending on the specifications put forth by clients. We formulate the paste to dry up quicker than the pastes that our competitors offer. Moreover, we provide a reasonable and affordable price range for a customized product.



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