Graphene Powder
  • Graphene Powder

Graphene Powder


• Length – 5-10 nm

• Diameter – 5 , 10 , 15 microns

• Surface area – 750 m2/g & 180 m2/g

• Stiffness of about 340 ± 50 N m-1.

• Strength of 42 N m-1 or 130 GPa

• Magnetic property above 10 Teslas

• Stress tolerance t 4.0 ±0

Graphene powder (Graphene Nanopowder) is a fine, dry, and solid bulk product of graphene with infinite applications. Graphene is a single-layer two-dimensional honeycomb lattice shape of atoms. It is an allotrope of carbon having sp2 bonds in three out of the four outer shells of its hybrid orbital. Hence, it shares a sigma bond (strongest type covalent bonds) with the nearest atoms having a length of 0.142 nanometers. Graphite, another allotrope of carbon, is nothing but a staked up (having an interplanar spacing of 0.335 nm (3.35 Å)) layered produce from graphene. Although graphene is not as strong as graphite, it exhibits exceptional properties that not many materials can possess. Therefore, it is also popular as a “wonder material”.

Originally, graphite is the material that is available naturally in nature. Further processing of graphite leads to the formation of different elements such as diamond and graphene. There are many ways to achieve graphene or graphene powder from graphite, such as exfoliation, sonication, Hydrothermal self-assembly, Epitaxy, and many more. We use chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which is one of the standards and popular forms of epitaxy. Here we perform a deposit of the solid graphite into a heated substrate by chemical reaction, and then we pass gas over it to achieve the graphene powder. Further, it goes through many processes to form functional groups of graphene.

Types of Graphene Powder

Graphene Research Grade

Graphene research grade is a type of graphene that is available in the purest form. Its typical applications include research and development purposes in educational institutes and scientific laboratories and sensor making, batteries, solar cells, defense, automation, space technology, and much more. The product has 1 or 2 layers and is monoatomic in nature. The product is also profusely known as single or monolayer graphene, which is one of a kind present on the earth. The product is 99.99% pure and with a carbon percentage of more than 99.7%.

Here some of the physical properties of the product are as follows

• Length – 5-10 nm

• Diameter – 5 microns

• Surface area – 750 m2/g

Graphene Industrial Grade

Graphene Industrial Grade is a robust and durable material containing slightly more impurities than research-grade graphene. Its typical applications are for industrial purposes such as Aerospace, Defense, Automobiles, Constructions, Fiber synthesis, Bulletproof jackets, and many more. Unlike graphene research-grade, it contains 10 to 15 layers, making it a denser and heavy material. The purity of the product is more than 98%.

The physical properties of the product are as follows

• Length – 5-10 nm

• Diameter – 10 -15 Micron

• Surface Area –180 m2/g

We provide graphene powder in regular as well as in bulk order. Customers can also opt for the option of customization of the product if the order is in bulk. The product goes through rigorous tests to reach the desirable quality of the customer.

Properties of Graphene Powder:

Electrical Conductivity – The electronic mobility of graphene is about 15,000 cm2·V−1·s−1, making it a zero-gap semiconductor. It is one of the most excellent electrical conductors on earth.

Electrical storage capacity – The electrical storage capacity of graphene is 3.3 microwaves to millimeter’s range in frequency.

Strength and stiffness – Graphene exhibits a strength of 42 N m-1 or 130 GPa and stiffness of about 340 ± 50 N m-1.

Optical – Graphene has optical opacity absorbing πα ≈ 2.3% of light, from visible to infrared.

Magnetic property – It has a strong magnetic field with a quantum Hall effect above 10 Teslas.

Biological – Graphene can interact with neural cells to repair or act as a substitute.

Stress tolerance – According to research, graphene can tolerate about 4.0 ±0.6 MPa stress when the graphene layers are defect-free.

Thermal conductivity – The thermal conductivity of graphene is 5300 W⋅m−1⋅K−1, which is much more than graphite and diamond.

Tensile strength – Researches prove that graphene can tolerate almost 105 times its weight without breaking.

Applications of Graphene Powder

• It is useful in biomedical applications such as Brain penetration, Cancer treatment, Bone transplant, Teeth transplant, Dialysis, DNA sequencing, and Target drug delivery.

• It helps in faster charging and the long life of electronic storage in batteries, solar cells, and rechargeable cells.

• It is also helpful in making PCB, chemical and biological sensors, coating, screen-printing, and much more.

• One of the unique applications of the product is water filtration. The nanoparticles of the graphene powder let the molecules of water pass through it. However, the impurities in the water are left behind.

• The use of graphene powder to make membranes and coatings reduces the size of the gadget, making it handy, compact and attractive while it is still as reliable as it should be.

How To Use Graphene Powder

• Graphene powder is a material that is not soluble in water or any organic solvents. However, Isopropyl Alcohol, ethanol, or Acetone proves useful for its dispersion. The researchers can experiment using any solvents of choice.

• Take a desirable amount of the product in a container. Mix the solvent to the solution and blend the mixture well.

• Use it for the experiment. The solvents evaporate quickly, leaving behind layers of graphene.

• If the researcher wants to use water-soluble powder or wants to use organic solvents, use graphene oxide or any functional groups of graphene.

Safety Measures of Graphene Powder

• Graphene is toxic in the processing phases. Graphene exposure may or may not be harmful; however, the clients must take utmost care while using it for experiments.

• If the nanoparticles of graphene enter the respiratory tract of the researcher, it may lead to unfortunate outcomes such as cancer. Therefore, we advise the researchers to use PPE kits, gloves, protecting masks, protective eye goggles, and face shields while using the product.

• Moreover, the researcher should maintain a safe distance from the product.

• Never try to smell or blow into the container with dry powder.

• Always equipped workplace with good ventilation and lighting.

• Use a surface cover and place the product over it. If placing it directly on the surface and the product spills/drops, use a damp cloth to clean the residue. Never dust it dry as it may spread even more.

• The product is non-reactive on the external body parts. However, the researcher must wash the body part immediately so that no irritation occurs.

• Exposure of the product to the eyes may irritate. If it occurs, immediately wash them with cold water. Do not rub them briskly. Reach for medical help immediately.

• If the product inhales, rush in the open air and breathe briskly. Then reach out for medical help.

• If the product exposes to the respiratory tract, gargle immediately and rush to the hospital immediately.

• Overexposure of the product to the internal parts may cause kidney and liver failure. It may also cause lung cancer. The body cannot process the material even though some foreign agent has entered the body and tries to kill it, damaging its self.

Why Choose Us

We, Shilpa Enterprises, are a firm in Nagpur that deals with chemical industry products. We manufacture and sell industrial and R&D-based equipment and materials. We have ISO 9001:2008 certification due to our perseverance in maintaining the quality and standards of products and services that we offer. We are a team of professionals and researchers having more than ten years of experience to meet our clients' requirements. We give quality products at fair prices and in-time delivery, maintaining liaison. We perform constant research and development and quality tests on graphene powder to match the industrial standards.

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