Graphene Research Grade
  • Graphene Research Grade

Graphene Research Grade


Bulk Density: 0.18g/cc

Thickness: 2-3 nm

Diameter: 5 Micron Carbon

Purity: > 99% Surface

Area: 255 m2/g

Number of Layers: Average no. of layers 2-3

The Graphene research grade is the purest form of graphene powder mainly used for the sensors making and research application. The number of graphene layers is only 1 to 2, which makes it lighter in weight. This material is available in the very fine powder form. The appearance of the material is in black. It is highly conductive material, hence it is also used as conductive ink for making the circuits. 

Generally, it is also known by “single or monolayer graphene”, which is the only 2D material present on the earth. This is a very strong and sturdy material. It is a carbon-based material, where each layer is a monoatomic. It mainly used in a research and development organization, educational institutes, and scientific laboratories. 

The Purity of the product is greater than 99.9%. As per the characterization analysis data, the length of the nanoparticle is 5 to 10 nanometers, while the average diameter is 5 microns. The average surface area is around 1000 m2/g, whereas, in composition, the percentage of carbon is more than 99.7%.

Applications and Uses of Graphene Research Grade

• Conductive coating

• Electronics 

• Automation 

• Batteries

• Space technology

• Defense

• Solar cell

• Biomedical Sensors

• Microchips

Why Choose Us?

Shilpa Enterprises supply the best quality material at a reasonable price. We supply material worldwide through our logistics network. We also provide dispersed solution of the research-grade graphene as per required customization.

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