Xenon Arc Lamp


• Give daylight effect by producing high luminous flux.

• It consumes lesser power in automobile applications.

• It has remarkable Stability in the arc of the lamp.

• It has a highly durable arc lamp.

• Comparatively produces less heat.

Specification and Details of Xenon Arc Lamp

Xenon Arc Lamp is a specialized type of electric lamp that uses ionized xenon gas to produce light similar to daylight. A gas discharge lamp generates light when xenon gas passes under high pressure. The energy comes from the electrodes in the arc when it heats up. There are two types of xenon arc lamps available at Shilpa enterprises – Xenon short arc lamp and Xenon long arc lamp. A xenon lamp's average lifetime ranges from 500 hours (7kW) to 1,500 hours (0.75kW).

Xenon short-arc lamp is so named because structurally, the arc-containing portion is smaller or short. It has two types: pure xenon gas short arc lamp and a xenon-mercury short arc lamp. The pure xenon gas variant contains only xenon gas, whereas the xenon-mercury variant contains xenon gas with a small amount of mercury metal. The xenon-mercury variant has a bluish-white spectrum that has exceptionally high UV radiation. However, all the xenon short-arc lamps variants generate visible range radiation output. It also causes an ozone build-up that can result in issues; therefore, it is necessary to avoid the generation of ozone build-up.

The product has a shortwave UV-blocking coating on the envelope that restricts the ozone's development on the lamp. Xenon long-arc light is similar to the short arch lamp; however, structurally, it has a more extended portion where the arc resides. We suggest using the lamps in a pure nitrogen atmosphere for better results in the experiments.

Generally, we produce the lamp in the power of 75W, 150W, 350W, 500W, and 100W. We also supply the requried xenon lamp power supply with an ignitor, which is necessary to operate the lamp. The power supply is equipped with all the connections with a proper marking for lamp connections.

How it works?

The xenon arc lamp consists of fused quartz or a heat-resistant glass arc tube. Further, it has a tungsten metal electrode at each end. Initially, evacuation of all the air in the glass tube occurs, and xenon air is packed in it. Both the ends of the electrodes receive an equal amount of voltage. The electricity passes through the ionized xenon gas at high pressure emitting light. The intensity of the light ranges from 20,000 to 500,000 cd/cm2 as per wattage. It has a wavelength range between 240nm to 850nm.

Properties of Xenon Arc Lamp

• Give daylight effect by producing high luminous flux.

• It consumes lesser power in automobile applications.

• It has remarkable Stability in the arc of the lamp.

• It has a highly durable arc lamp.

• Comparatively produces less heat.

Applications of Xenon Arc Lamp

Camera: The instant flashlight that brightens a dark place to capture photography is the Xenon arc lamp.

Therapeutics: The light helps to focus on minute objects while experiments.

Lights at floods & outdoor: Since the light is a high-intensity light, it signals people stuck in floods. It is also helpful for outdoor lights while camping or any such activity.

Microscope lighting: It helps to focus on microscopic particles.

Endoscopy: The light flashes in the pathway from where the camera visits to give a clear view during endoscopy.

Searchlights: It helps to focus attention on a particular place and gives a better sight of the objects while searching for them.

Projectors in cinema halls: The IMAX projectors use the Xenon arc lamp since it provides a better projection of the movies on the screen.

Car headlights: They provide a better and clearer spectrum of visibility on the road during the night journey.

Safety Measures

• Air cooling is a must during the operation of the lamp.

• There are two wire connections from the power supply, where the red end should connect to the anode (Thicker Electrode), and the black end of the wire should connect to the cathode (Thinner Electrode). It's for the short arc xenon lamp.

• Watch the installation video before starting the operation.

• The light produces harmful radiation causing damage to the eyes and skin.

• Cover up the light of the lamp to the maximum extent possible.

• NEVER touch or scratch the lamp at the glass section. Doing so will weaken the light resulting in lamp exposure.

• The lamp produces heat. Do not try to touch the light while it is in working condition.

• The xenon light must cool down for at least 15-20 minutes before the researcher uninstalls the setup.

• Make sure there is proper ventilation.

• Do not bring combustible objects, paper, cloth, etc., near the lamp as it may explode or catch fire.

• Airflow, nitrogen gas flow, use of a heat sink, and an exhaust duct are the methods that the researcher should apply to cool down the lamp.

• Keep the lamp in a protective case or cover until installation.

• Xenon arc lamps have rated service life. The use of the lights beyond their rated service life may cause the lamp to burst.

• Keep the protective case or cover and packaging materials (box) for lamps safe. Use them when disposing of the lamps.

• Last but never least, the researchers must wear PPE kits. The PPE – Personal Protective Equipment should include :

a. UV protect Face shield: The shield should cover the entire face.

b. Eyewear: Use special UV protection goggles to protect eyes. Never expose eyes to direct light emission.

c. Gloves: Nitrile, latex, or tightly woven fabric gloves are recommendable while handling the product as the UV-A and UV-B rays can damage the skin.

d. Lab coat: Full sleeves lab coat covered up until the neck is mandatory while using the product.

Why Choose Us?

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