Aluminium Foam

  • Super Strength
  • Big Surface Area
  • Density 1 to 0.35 g/cm3

Description and Specifications of Aluminium Foam

Aluminium foam is an unusual substance created with Aluminium as the foundation metal. In most cases, it is created by injecting a gas or introducing a dispersant into molten metal. It is a structure of interconnected Aluminium fibers that form cells with open and closed pores. Open-celled Aluminium foams (porous Aluminium) and closed-cell Aluminium foams are the two forms of foams. It contains solid pores and has fully programmable features, allowing its performance qualities to be modified for various applications. Because of the product's structure, it is also known as open-cell Aluminium foam. It is widely used in applications that benefit from its lightweight structure, huge surface area, and nature-like morphology of the rigid cellular structure.

The foam can be produced using a variety of ways. It can be made by directly foaming Aluminium alloy or advanced metal powder processing. Our technology makes complex foam components and 3D-shaped sandwich panels comprised of foam cores and Aluminium face sheets very simple. Components include complex foam shapes and 3-dimensional panels of foam cores and Aluminium face sheets. These potential applications are investigated in various fields, including lightweight structures, crash energy absorption, and heat or sound insulation.

Closed-cell metal foams, mainly Aluminium alloy (Al-alloy), apply to various industrial sectors as lightweight, energy-absorption, and dampening structures, with particular promise in transportation. The foam sheets are isotropic porous metals with distinct properties appropriate for various applications. They can remain afloat due to their low densities. Foams have low electrical and thermal conductivity. Foams are resilient at near-melting temperatures. They are not flammable or poisonous. The durability is more melancholy than typical dense Aluminium and falls as density increases.

Properties of Aluminium Foam

  1. It is a strong conductor of electricity and heat
  2. It floats in water, is flame retardant, improves sound insulation, and absorbs good energy. It is also pliable and can be quickly processed through drilling, sawing, and simple adhesive or welding joining.
  3. Aluminium metal foam has a density of 1 to 0.35 g/cm3
  4. Pore size of Aluminium metal foam is 2-11 mm (Closed Cell)
  5. Porosity of Aluminium metal foam is 60-90 percent.
  6. Aluminium Metal Foam Compressive Strength: 44 Mpa
  7. Aluminium Metal Foam Dimensions: Variable based on requirements
  8. It has 100 times the resistance of metal Aluminium.

Applications of Aluminium Foam

  1. Automotive: Automobiles are becoming lower in weight. Another requirement is to improve passive automobile safety, determined mainly by material choice and vehicle design. The importance of material recycling cannot be overstated. The significant energy and sound absorption characteristics of Aluminium foam support using foams in passenger autos. The first application is for crash absorbers against the side and frontal collisions. To protect the rigid passenger cell, foam core panels in the impactable zone must absorb impact energy.
  2. It is used to reinforce vehicle underbelly protection. It can fill components like mudguards and side members, pillars next to car doors, and other elements that are prone to sagging or tension or must absorb much energy. It will be possible to establish a controlled, intended deformation of the impact zone in autos using these components for maximum energy absorption. This is especially valid for the new small city autos, where establishing such energy absorbers is difficult due to limited space.
  3. Aerospace: Due to their lightweight, they can be critical in the aerospace industry. Instead of the pricey honeycomb structures, foam sheets might be employed. This would have several advantages, including cheaper costs. Another notable advantage is the isotropy of such panels' properties and the absence of adhesive bonding. In the case of an accidental fire, the latter could help to keep the construction standing.
  4. It has significant potential for designers because of its exciting surface. It is appropriate for lamps, tables, and household products and accessories. When coupled with wood, the surface of Aluminium Foam Panels can produce unusual effects in a setting. Because foam furniture is lightweight, it may be beneficial in organizations or during shows and fairs. Because of its strong fire resistance and insulation materials qualities, Aluminium foam roof panels are perfect for use in building and construction applications. Foam-filled panels can be used as exterior construction elements or interior wall coverings. Due to their excellent thermal insulation properties, foams can be energy-saving components in both cases. Sound-absorbing Aluminium metal foam panels can be used in railway tunnels and under highway bridges.

Safety Measures

  1. The foam sheets are delivered in a well-packaged container.
  2. Use safety equipment such as metal protection gloves, face shields, etc.
  3. Take the required care while executing any application to modify the product.

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