Carbon Tape


• Width: 8mm

• Length: 20m

• Tape thickness: 160micron

• Plastic Core Diameter: 76mm

• Adhesive thickness: 15micron

• Operating temperature range: 120 degrees C

• Resistance: 5 Ohms/sq

• Temperature ranges from -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F).

• High Purity

Details and Specification of Carbon Tape

A Carbon Tape or a Carbon Conductive Tape is an adhesive with carbon-filled acrylic glue. The product does not have any solvents. It is often helpful for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) or EDS applications. Carbon tape is a double-sided tape that helps to mount a pair of objects together. Since it has carbon, it conducts electrical charges and allows applications where two objects need electrical charge along with adhesion.

The Carbon Tape comprises carbon and a small amount of Silicon and Aluminum. It is non-woven liner tape with non-liquid, conductive adhesive solution coated on either side (if it is single side adhesion tape) or both sides of the tape strip. Due to the absence of any liquid solutions, using the tape is easy as the researchers can cut it in custom shapes and sizes according to their requirements. The tape is non-porous and solid and does not absorb any object's attributes being true to its inert nature.

Properties of Carbon Tape:

• The Thickness of the tape is 160micron.

• It has high purity.

• The width is 8mm or 12mm, and it is a 20m long roll.

• It can tolerate temperature ranges from -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F).

• The Core diameter of the tape is 76mm.

• It is thin and has excellent flexibility with a minimum out-gassing rate.

• It has long shelf life holding on to the properties even after storing it for an extended period.

Refrigeration increases the shelf life, but it should be removed from the refrigerator and kept to normalize for 1 hour before use.

Applications of Carbon Tape:

• It helps connect to electrical components that require electrically active adhesion.

• It helps connect components that need strong adhesion.

• It uses to make faraday’s cage that protects sensitive electrical instruments from electromagnetic radiation.

• It acts as a replacement technology of soldering for an application that is intolerant of heat.

• It is valuable in repairing automobile components like windscreen heaters, headlights, audio systems, and many more.

• It is beneficial in restoring electrical and electronic gadgets such as printers, scanners, and wires of any other components.

How to use Carbon Tape?

The product comes in a pack of 1 or 5 pieces. Open the box carefully with the help of a scissor or box cutter if required. After removing the tape from the packaging, keep the container box intact to store the carbon tape after use. That helps to keep the tape in proper conditions and lasts longer.

Analyze the amount of tape that is needed for the application. Cut the tape with scissors or a box cutter from the roll according to the amount of tape required. Researchers can also cut it in any shape according to their requirements. Apply the tape on the component and remove the top white liner of it. Then attach other components to the tape. Researchers can use sharp and pointed tweezers to lift the liner of the adhesive. The researcher can use isopropanol, ethyl acetate, ethanol, or acetone to remove the tape.

Safety Measures of Carbon Tape

• Handle the tape carefully and keep it out of reach of children.

• The tape has high adhesion and conductivity. Do not use it on applications where it does not require such properties. Using it on applications where electrical conductivity is not required may cause the application to fail.

• One side of the product has exposed adhesive. Ensure that it is not touched several times or loses the strong adhesion, resulting in wastage of the tape strip.

• Storing it in a heated environment may cause the tape to get defective while applying, hence keep it in a cool place.

• It is advisable to use safety gear while using the product. However, as it does not release any harmful gases or chemicals, it is safe to use.

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