Graphene Industrial Grade
  • Graphene Industrial Grade

Graphene Industrial Grade


Technical Specifications

Purity : >98%

Number Of Layers : 10-15

Diameter : 10-15 Micron

Thickness : 10-15 nm

The fundamental difference between the graphene industrial grade and pure grade is a number of graphene layers. In case of pure material, the number of layers is 1 or 2, while the number of graphene layers in industrial-grade is 10 to 15. It is much cheaper in price as compared to pure grade and highly demanded in the manufacturing areas. In the near future, it also speculated that graphene might replace the lithium in the battery technology.

It is also known as “Graphene nanoplatelets” due to its flakes size. It is supposed to be the most robust and durable material developed by humankind until now. Generally, it comes in a powder form and black color, whereas it is also readily dispersible in the solvent. We also provide the industrial grade graphene dispersion. 

The purity of the industrial grade is more than 98%. As per the SEM and TEM analysis, the thickness is less than 15nm, whereas the average particle diameter is 10 to 15 microns. The specific surface areas are 120 to 150 sqm/gram. 

Applications and Uses of Graphene Industrial Grade

• Aerospace

• Automobiles

• Defense

• Biosensors

• Constructions

• Fiber synthesis

• Bullet-proof jacket

• Super Capacitors

• Battery Technology

Why us?

We manufactured and supply this material from kilograms to tones as per client requirements. We also customized material as per industrial demands, where the material supply in powder as well as dispersed form. 

Graph-SE -001-25


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