Quartz Crucible Without Lid


· High-quality, purest silica used for fabricating

· Extremely strong and durable

· Remarkably inert with excellent corrosion-resistivity

· Lower coefficient of thermal expansion

· Excellent range of optical transmission

Details and Specification of Quartz Crucible Without Lid

Quartz crucibles are the perfect equipment for numerous thermal and chemical laboratory processes. It can withstand extremely high temperatures easily and is also chemically inert, ensuring pure and uncontaminated industrial and R&D operations.

These silica crucibles are designed to hold the volatile chemicals safely. With the advent of the laboratory crucibles, the conventional Rotosil crucibles are steadily being replaced with the better alternative in labs and industries worldwide.

A crucible is a necessary piece of chemical equipment. Quartz crucibles are suitable for a wide range of thermal and chemical laboratory processes. It is chemically inert and can withstand extremely high temperatures, guaranteeing clean and uncontaminated industrial and research and development operations. These silica crucibles are designed to hold volatile substances safely. Traditional crucibles are increasingly being replaced by a superior substitute in labs and organizations worldwide with the advent of laboratory crucibles.

The clear quartz crucible generated by the arc method is large-diameter single crystal silicon, which is necessary to fabricate large-scale integrated circuits. It is a container for liquefying and refining metal liquids and other solid-liquid heating and reaction. It provides the framework for the smooth flow of chemical reactions. It is ideal for compounds that hardly emit fumes. Compounds and substances that are safe for air exposure and immediate usage can be stored.

Technical Properties of Quartz Crucible Without Lid:

These are the technical properties of quartz crucibles which make them an excellent choice of equipment in numerous and varied industrial and R&D applications today, and in the near future:

· Material – Fused quartz · Purity – 99.99%

· Refractive index – 1.5

· Safe operating temperature (constant use) – around 1150 ˚C

· Safe operating temperature (batch use) – around 1250 ˚C

·Specific surface area – 720 J/kg-k

· Poisson’s ratio – 0.17

· Tensile strength – 50 MPa (optimal)

· Coefficient of thermal expansion – 0.53 (105 ˚C)

· Thermal conductivity – 1.38 W/m-k

· Dielectric strength – 3.82 Ac-kV/mm (volts/mil)

· Dielectric constant – 3.82 @ 1 MHz

Applications of Quartz Crucible Without Lid:

These are the several applications of our high-quality quartz crucibles in the numerous industries and R&D sectors:

· Smelting industry

· Alumina calcinations

· Rare earth production

· Refining precious metals and alloys

· Lamp manufacturing

· Chemical industries

Why Shilpa Enterprises?

We are the leading supplier of high-quality and purest quartz crucible today, for a global market. We have provided the best quality silica crucible to numerous renowned small and large R&D labs as well as industries.

To learn more about ordering the best quality Quartz crucibles from us, give us a call or a message, using the details provided at our Contact Us page.


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