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Graphene Nanoplatelets


• Product Name: Graphene Nanoplatelets

• Diameter - 10nm

• Height - 50 Microns

• Purity - 99.2%

• Surface Area - 65 m2/g

• Form Factor - Powder

• Colour - Black

Full Description of Graphene Nanoplatelets

Graphene Nanoplatelets are nanoparticles of graphene derived from the original graphite by performing various methods such as thermal shock, chemical exfoliation, shearing, or processing in a plasma reactor. They are 2 to 10 nanometers thick stacks of graphene with a diameter of about 2 to 7 micrometers. They appear as flakes of graphite but more in a platelet (disc-shaped) form and have a high aspect ratio of thinness to width. The graphene nanoplatelets can disperse quickly in chemical compounds, and thus it becomes easy to use them in the modification of various other materials. It significantly changes the properties of the materials like plastics, polymers, nylons, rubber, ceramics, and many more. It makes them stronger, harder, and more robust to use in electrical and thermal applications, increasing these composite surface roughness and barrier ability. Functionalization of the product advances its properties, making it open to more possibilities of compositions. The carbon percentage available in the product is at least 98%.

We, at Shilpa enterprises, manufacture and sell graphene nanoplatelets. The product is blackish-brown in color, and dry powder flakes form with a pack size of 25 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 1000 grams. We can also make it available for the customer in dispersed form according to their requirements. We also develop the functional groups of the same as per the demands of our clients. We provide per piece or order in a bulk facility. Customization of the product is possible for bulk orders only.

Properties of Graphene Nanoplatelets

• Graphene nanoplatelets exhibit exceptional properties that are useful in many applications of day-to-day life.

• It has high levels of thermal conductance, electrical conductance, and mechanical strength.

• It is light in weight but is very strong comparatively.

• It has a wide aspect ratio.

• It is less reactive chemically than graphene oxide or graphite oxide.

• It is easy to disperse.

• It is compatible with almost every type of polymers.

Applications of Graphene Nanoplatelets

Graphene nanoplatelets help improve the properties of polymers, plastics, and nylons. By the composition of the product, the stiffness and strength of the materials increases.

It makes polymers thermally and electrically conductive thus; the by-product displays hybrid properties of polymers and graphene in combination. The charging rates of thermoset resins increase to 2-3 weight percent, and that of thermoplastics increases to 5-7 weight percent. It decreases the scattering coefficients and permeability of composite material such as a film or solid substance.

It helps make graphene inks, which further implies making protective coating and films to substances and objects. Moreover, it is useful in reducing the size of the bulky gadget by eliminating or replacing the conductive element with coatings or inks that take no space. Therefore, it uses in many compact and wearable devices.

It helps make PCBs and other electrical components. Furthermore, due to its electrical conductivity, it is helpful in rechargeable cells and batteries. It does not only decrease the size but also increases the capacity of the application. In the textile industry, it is beneficial in making bulletproof vests and screen-printing or fabric painting. It is valuable in making membranes and sensors. One of the popular applications of the product is the biochemical sensor. It helps make barrier materials for the packaging of sensitive items.

How To Use Graphene Nanoplatelets?

• One of the best parts of Graphene nanoplatelets is that it is dispersible in water (H2O). The researcher can take any chemical solvent to disperse the product.

• Take a desirable amount of product in a beaker.

• Take solvent and surfactants of choice.

• Now add them to the beaker.

• With the aid of an ultrasonic sonicator, ensure that the mixture should mix well.

• Researchers can use the product with resins and polymers.

• Mix the product with the polymer or resin using a double-roller‚ twin-screw extruder or another mixer.

• We recommend using surface modifiers before mixing the powder with plastics resin. The surface modifiers are mainly titanate coupling agents and aluminate coupling agents.

Safety Measures of Graphene Nanoplatelets

Excessive exposure to Carbon, graphene, graphite and the derivative products of these materials are harmful to human health. Following safety measures and warnings are necessary to follow by the researchers working continuously with the product.

The researchers must wear safety equipment such as PPE kits, gloves, masks, goggles, and face shields while experimenting with the product.

Moreover, researchers should take care that they work in an environment with ample light and proper ventilation.

If the product spills, do not dust it dry. Use a damp cloth to clean it.

In any case, if the researcher directly exposes to the product, they must follow the measures below:

• On exposure of the product directly into the eyes, splash clean and cold water in the eyes and pat with a clean cotton cloth or towel. Never rub the eyes briskly.

• If the product is inhaled, rush to open air and try to breathe out briskly.

• If in case the product is swallowed, gargle immediately to remove the residue product.

• After following the immediate measures, rush to the hospital immediately to seek professional medical aid in all the above cases.

The product is not lethal in small quantities, but continuous exposure can lead to unfortunate outcomes. If the researchers work maximum time in contact with the product, they must get timely checkups done.

While disposing of the product, follow the government guidelines to dispose of it safely.

Why Choose Us

Shilpa enterprises hold a reputation of being one of the best firms in manufacturing and supplying chemical industry-based products. We are a highly professionals team have a decade of experience in this field. Therefore, the requirements of the clients are adequately rectified and delivered. Moreover, we take utmost care that the quality of the product can never hamper. Thus, we have ISO 9001:2008 certified for maintaining high standards and quality of the product we provide. We cater to deliver the best quality graphene nanoplatelets within a reasonable range of price.

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