Amine Graphene
  • Amine Graphene

Amine Graphene


Thickness: 2-3nm

Product Purity: >97%

Number of layers: Average no. of layers 3-6

Bulk Density: 0.241g/cc

Surface Area BET: 210- 300 m2/g

Form: Powder Form Colour: Black

Amine graphene powder is a functionalized form of graphene that is useful in several industries. It is responsible for the characteristics of chemical reactions. Functional groups are a collection of atoms of a compound. The functional group of amine consists of a nitrogen atom with a lone pair of electrons and one, two, or three alkyl or aryl groups attached. Functional groups are a crucial part of the organic compound classification. Combining the names of the functional groups with their parent's names like alkanes helps to distinguish compounds.

Functions of Amine Graphene Powder

Functionalization of graphene with amine (–NH2) produces amine graphene. It serves as a compatible material for complex enzymes. It has excellent surface and structural properties, where it offers to stabilize and improve the electron density of nanoparticles. The product can tolerate high temperatures and resist extreme heat. The functionalized amine graphene also improves the dispersibility rate of several polymer matrices.

Properties of Amine Graphene

• It is black with a bulk density - 0.24 /cc and has low concentrations (<0.1mg/ml) in DMF, DMSO, NMP.

• The product is insoluble in water.

• Its thickness is about 5-10 nm, and its diameter is around 5-10 microns.

• It has 99% Carbon purity.

• It has a high aspect ratio, and its surface area is approximately 210 to 300 m2/g

Amine Graphene Applications

It is used as a polymer filler to enhance electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties. Furthermore, it acts as a rubber filler to refine gas barrier properties, biosensing and gas sensing, composite formation, drug delivery, water treatment, solar cells, batteries, Graphene/polymer composite materials, Graphene research, and photovoltaic materials.

How to Use Amine Graphene?

Amine Graphene powder is not soluble in water or any organic solvents. However, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethanol, or Acetone can are suitable for its dispersion. Researchers can experiment using any solvents of choice.

Steps to disperse the product

• Take a desirable amount of the product in a container.

• Mix the solvent to it and blend them well.

• On application, the solvents evaporate and leave behind layers of graphene.

Safety Measures For Amine Graphene

• Its exposure may or may not be harmful. However, the clients must take utmost care while using it for experiments.

• Use PPE kits, gloves, protecting masks, protective eye goggles, and face shields while using the product.

• Maintain a safe distance from the product while experimenting.

• Do not smell or blow into the container with dry powder.

• Work in an area with good ventilation and lighting.

• Use a surface cover and place the product over it.

• While using it directly on the surface, if the product spills/drops, use a damp cloth to clean the residue.

• Never dust it dry as it may spread even more.

• If the researcher inhales the product, rush them into the open air and breathe briskly. Then reach out for medical help.

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