ITO Coated Pen Sheet

L x W

• Product Name: ITO Coated PEN sheet

• Resistivity - 12 ohms/sq

• Dimension - 290mm x 210mm & 100mm x 100mm

• Sheet Thickness - 0.125 mm

• ITO layer thickness - >150nm

• Transmittance > 75%

• Haze - 2%

• Surface Roughness - less than 1

The ITO coated PEN is a conductive coating of a transparent indium tin oxide on a PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) sheet. It is single side coated, whereas the other side is insulated. The magnetron sputtering method is applied to coat a transparent conductive oxide (i.e., ITO) over it. The PEN sheet is highly thermally stable and resistance to chemicals. Generally, it used in the solar cell due to its excellent transmittance.

The ITO coated PEN film manufactured in the sheet form, where the standard dimension is A4 size. We offer custom sizes to the researcher based on their requirements. The suggested thickness of sheets 125 microns, while the layer thickness is 150nm to 180nm. The maximum operating temperature of the ITO PEN film is 120 degrees Celsius.


It used in the display technology, EMI shielding, LCD's, transparent heaters, optoelectronic, and any more. Sometimes it is also used in a smart switchable film as a replacement of ITO coated PET. It widely used in the touch panel electrodes.

Why Us?

The Shilpa enterprises supply cost-effective research-grade ITO coated PEN substrates and provide alternative solutions to the other expensive TCO's. We also cater to deliver satisfaction in terms of quality and accuracy in specifications.



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