High Pressure Mercury Lamp

  • The High Pressure 250W and 450W Lamps covers the Visible range from 350nm and above with peaks at 356nm, 365nm and into 420 range.
  • Medium Pressure 250W and 450 W cover the UV range from 250nm to 400nm with peaks at 254nm, 356 and 365nm.
  • 250W Power supply is required so that the light comes on as it requires very high voltage to start the lamp. Similarly the 450W Lamp needs a 450W Power Supply.
  • UV output is approximately 18 -20 per cent of the lamp wattage.

Specifications and Description

High pressure mercury lamp is a particular type of light that use mercury in an excited state to produce desired light. They are unique and commonly used in specific fields such as photochemistry. This lamp emits light in the visible spectrum range and is widely called a Visible Lamp. It covers the range of spectrum from 200nm to 800nm wavelength. The most prominent peak was detected at 356nm and 365nm wavelengths.

What is a High Pressure Mercury Lamp?

It is a type of gas discharge lamp that uses mercury in a high-pressure environment to produce light. This lamp contains a small quartz bulb filled with mercury and a noble gas, typically argon. The inner wall of the bulb is often coated with a phosphor that helps to enhance the lamp's light output.

How Does it Work?

When a user turns on the lamp, the electrical current travels through the gas, causing the mercury atoms to get excited – this means that the electrons in the mercury atoms gain energy and move to higher energy levels. After being energized, electrons return to normal levels and release the accumulated energy through ultraviolet (UV) light.

This UV light then strikes the bulb's inside, absorbing and re-emitting it as visible light. That's the bright, intense light from a high-pressure mercury lamp!

Why are High Pressure Mercury Lamps Used in Photochemical Reactors?

A photochemical reactor is a piece of equipment that uses light to drive chemical reactions – reactions that wouldn't usually happen or would take a long time under normal conditions. These reactions are significant in industries like pharmaceuticals, where they're used to create complex chemicals and drugs.

These visible lamps play a vital role in these reactors due to their high intensity and the specific wavelengths of light they produce, including UV light. UV light carries much energy, which can help initiate and speed up these photochemical reactions.

In a nutshell, mercury lamps provide the energy needed for molecules in a photochemical reactor to react. This can lead to new or enhanced chemical compounds, which might benefit industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, environmental testing, and many others.

Properties of High Pressure Mercury Lamps

  1. High-Intensity Light: One of the critical properties of visible lamps is the ability to produce high-intensity light. This comes from the UV light emitted when the mercury atoms in the lamp return to their normal state after being excited by the electrical current.
  2. Spectral Lines: These lamps generate distinct spectral lines, particularly in the ultraviolet and visible regions of the light spectrum. This means they emit light at particular wavelengths, which can be helpful in specific applications.
  3. Efficiency: These lamps are quite efficient, converting a more significant proportion of electrical energy into light than other lamps. This makes them a suitable choice when high light output is needed.
  4. Durability: They are also known for their long lifespan, often outlasting other lights. This property makes them a cost-effective choice for many industries.

Applications of High Pressure Mercury Lamps

  1. Photochemical Reactions: As previously discussed, visible lamps are used in photochemical reactors. The UV light emitted from these lamps provides the energy necessary to drive chemical reactions.
  2. UV Curing: These lamps are used in UV curing processes where they harden or cure materials like inks, coatings, and adhesives. The UV light speeds up the curing process, making it more efficient.
  3. Microscopy and Fluorescence: In microscopy, mercury lamps are used as a source of intense light to illuminate samples. They are beneficial for fluorescence microscopy, where UV light causes certain materials to glow, making them easier to see.
  4. Water and Air Purification: The UV light from high-pressure mercury lamps can kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, making these lamps useful for water and air purification systems.
  5. Industrial Processes: They are used in various industrial processes requiring high-intensity or UV light. Examples include semiconductor manufacturing and certain types of printing.

Safety Instructions

Handling and operating high pressure mercury lamps require careful attention to ensure safety. Here are some basic safety instructions to refer to:

  1. Proper Handling: Always handle the lamp with clean, dry hands or use sterile gloves. To avoid damage to the light, don't touch it with bare hands due to the oils and dirt that can come from the user's skin.
  2. Eye Protection: These lamps emit intense light, including harmful UV radiation.
  3. Use in Correct Fixture: Only use the lamp in the correct fixture designed for it. The fixture should be appropriately rated for voltage, wattage, and heat generation.
  4. Proper Installation: Ensure the lamp is installed correctly in its fixture before turning it on. If the client needs help installing it, consult the lamp's manual or ask a professional.
  5. Avoid Direct Exposure: Never look directly into the light of a high-pressure mercury lamp without proper eye protection, as this can damage eyes.
  6. Safe Disposal: When the lamp reaches the end of its life, dispose of it safely according to local regulations. These lamps contain mercury, which is harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly.
  7. Cool Down Period: Once turn off the lamp, let it cool down completely before handling or replacing it. These lamps can get very hot during operation and can cause burns.
  8. In Case of Lamp Breakage: If the lamp breaks, ventilate the area and carefully clean the fragments while wearing protective gloves. Dispose of the broken lamp safely.

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