Carboxyl Graphene
  • Carboxyl Graphene

Carboxyl Graphene


Thickness: 0.8-1.6 nm

Product Purity: >97%

Number of layers: Average no. of layers 2-4

Specific surface area: 210- 300 m2/g

Production Methodology: Chemical Vapour Deposition Process

Form: Powder Form

Colour: Dark Grey

Full Description of Carboxyl Graphene

The functional group Carboxyl (-COOH) is attached to Graphene, which ultimately forms carboxyl graphene. It manufactured through the Chemical Vapour Deposition Process. It is also called as COOH functionalism graphene. The carboxyl functionalized graphene is non-conducive in nature. The functionalized product is far better than the non-functionalized one, where the (-COOH) enhances the performance of the graphene. It is available in the powder form, whereas it also produced in a dispersed solution as per request. It is dark grey in appearance. It has high electrical and Thermal conductivity.  

The purity of the material is above 97%. According to the analysis report, the thickness of the particles is 0.8 - 1.6nm, and the average diameter is 1 to 10 microns. In this case, the number of the layer is in the range of 3 to 6. The average particle surface area is around 210- 300 m2/g. 

Application and Uses of Carboxyl Graphene

• Biological science

• Physics Laboratory

• Educational institution

• R&D labs

• Biosensors Fabrication

• Space science technology

Why Choose Us?

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