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There are mainly two categories in the conductive glass. One is a transparent conductive glass, and another is a non-transparent conductive glass. The transparent one is generally known as a TCO category coated glass, while the non-transparent one includes mostly metal-coated glass. We also deal with conductive PET or plastic sheets; these used to make flexible devices.

In a transparent conductive coating, there are many available products like ITO coated glass, AZO coated glass, FTO coated glass, ITO coated PET sheet, ITO coated PEN film. A very thin layer of TCO applied over a glass surface by using magnetron sputtering methods. As layer thickness varies, the resistivity and conductivity of the product change. The range of available resistivity product from 5ohm/sq to 200 ohms/sq cm. Generally, in the case of TCO coating, the transmittance is more than 85%. The patterning of the conductive coating is also possible as per the client's design and specifications.

In Non-transparent conductive glass, mostly, there are metal-based coating like a molybdenum coated glass, gold-coated glass, platinum-coated glass, silver-coated glass, and many more. The resistivity is less than 1 ohms/sqcm, and the transmittance is closed to zero.

These conductive glasses mainly used in display technology, solar cell manufacturing, optoelectronic devices, EMI/EMF shielding, photovoltaic cell fabrication, Switchable films, and LCD. We also provide the conductive layer on the quartz as well as the acrylic substrate.