Graphene Conductive Ink
  • Graphene Conductive Ink

Graphene Conductive Ink

  • Sintering Temperature – 100 ºC
  • Particle Size - ~ 5 microns
  • Composition – Graphene, Adhesive, and solvent
  • Sintering Time – Half hour Shell Life - 6 months
  • Solid Loading - 60%"

What is Graphene Conductive Ink?

Conductive ink is a thick thermoplastic paste of conductive nanoparticles (Graphene, Graphite, carbon, and many more). It compromises solvents and surfactants that hold the conductive material together. Typically, on the application, the solvent and surfactants should evaporate, leaving the conductive materials behind. Graphene conductive ink is a thick paste made by adding solvents, surfactants, and Graphene powder. The product has its maximum usage in the field of printed electronics.

Graphene has a 2-dimensional structure and honeycomb lattice shape and has a C-C bond contributing to the sp2 tightly bonded carbon. That makes Graphene the most flexible, thinnest, and strongest material in existence that conducts heat and electricity with great potential. It can carry conductive charges on a non-conductive surface.

One exceptional quality of Graphene is that it is non-soluble (a pure form of Graphene does not dissolve in water). Therefore, most of the organic solvents cannot dissolve Graphene. Due to its fast drying property, the most common solvent used in Graphene dispersion is acetone. Researchers can also try using solvents such as N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), N, N-Dimethylformamide (DMF), and Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO).

There are various methods to produce Graphene, such as liquid-phase exfoliation (LPE) (that tends to have a bulk product); however, it makes the product lose quality by losing the stability and consistency of the layers. Thus, it is unsuitable for developing Graphene conductive ink to compromise the Graphene powder's chemical and physical properties.

At Shilpa enterprises, we produce Graphene conductive ink by the chemical vapor deposition method. Then the product goes under intensive testing so that the product meets the client’s requirements. It is one of the best in quality, low-cost ink the researcher can find in the market with good adhesion and stability with low viscosity. Since we are solely the manufacturers and sellers of the product, we offer product customization as per the client's demands for bulk orders.

Properties of Graphene Conductive Ink

Since Graphene ink is a product of Graphene, it inherits all the properties of Graphene. Therefore, it proves to be a reliable product.

It has exceptional electronic conductivity, and it can carry and store charge for a long time.

It has remarkable thermal conductivity, and thus it acts as a barrier between heating elements.

It helps the gadget to sustain heat and still work efficiently.

Chemically, the product is inert. That makes the product non-reactive to other elements. Thus, it can be coupled for any application easily.

Applications of Graphene Conductive Ink

Graphene conductive ink has numerous applications. Below are some of the examples of every field.

• Sensors – Due to its properties, the product helps make sensors. The most popular type of printing medium is the inkjet printer. Temperature sensors, Gas sensors, fire sensors, etc., are a few examples of sensors.

• Transistors And Capacitors – As the product is flexible in use, it helps make minute applications of transistors or thin-film transistors and capacitors that replace the bulky ones. That creates a valuable application in wearable devices such as smartwatches, touch screen panels, led panels, and many more.

• Spray Coatings – The product results in an exceptional quality of providing any metal, a protective coating against the environmental factors that can result in the metal degradation. Therefore, it is helpful in applying a protective layer over the automobile, aircraft, ships, and tankers.

• Printing Circuits – It helps print circuit boards on paper, plastic, polymer, ceramics, etc. moreover, it is valuable in a popular technique such as screen-printing.

• Textile – Using the product on fabric makes it water-resistant. The nanoparticles do not allow the molecules to pass through it. It works best in making Radio frequency antennas and satellites.

How to Use Graphene Conductive Ink?

• The Graphene ink comes in a jar or glass bottle.

• Before opening the lid, it is mandatory to shake the bottle vigorously and mix the ink well. It is a crucial step as the conductive nanoparticles accumulate at the bottom of the jar. Mixing regulates the product evenly in all places.

• With the help of an applier such as a brush or spray, apply the product on the surface of choice in the decided pattern.

• Set it aside for 20 minutes to let the ink dry.

• Optionally, the researcher can roll over it with a pin to compress the nanoparticle for better results.

Safety Measures of Graphene Conductive Ink

Graphene and other allotropes of carbon prove to be harmful to human health. They can cause cancer if they enter into some parts of the body. Researchers should wear protective gear such as a mask, hand gloves, goggles, face shield, and PPE kit while using the product.

What to do when exposed to the product?

• Step away from the experiment place and try to go to an area with open fresh air and a supply of clean water.

• If the researcher inhales the product, they should exhale briskly. Wash the nostrils thoroughly after the product has been out of the respiratory tract.

• If the researcher ingests the product, gargle with clean water. Make sure the entire product leaves the system.

• If the product encounters eyes, rush to the water tap and splash water on the eyes with clean hands.

• Visit the immediate medical help after taking the above steps. The researchers must get a checkup in regular time intervals, and the product might release fumes that are harmful due to overexposure of the product to the body.

Why Choose Us

Shilpa enterprises is a company that has been thriving in the market for more than a decade. We have an ISO 9001:2008 certification for maintaining the quality of our products and services. Therefore, we are apt with the market demands and are true to our passion for providing the best quality product at affordable prices. Our team of specialists has focused on the overall standards of the client. We supply Graphene conductive ink all over the world.


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