Photochemical Reactor Uv Visible Lamp


• Emits ideal light wavelength for useful photochemical reactions

• Designed for use in varying models of photochemical reactors

• Optimal quality standards maintained in the production of UV lamp available in varying powers

• Efficiency ratio exceeds 90%

• High-end product for excellent industrial/R&D purposes

A photochemical UV lamp is essential for excellent photocatalytic reactions. That also includes other similar processes, including photo-chlorination reaction and water-splitting process too. Many industries and R&D projects require precise control, efficiency, and safety when it comes to carrying out photochemical reactions. Our UV lamp is useful in providing more aspects to the industrial and R&D photochemical processes.

We provide three types of Photochemical UV lamp

• Low Pressure Mercury Lamp

• Medium Pressure Mercury Lamp

• High Pressure Mercury Lamp

The required UV lamp mainly determined by the volume of the photochemical reactor you are using and its specific wattage. The wattage of the light ranges typically between 125 W, 250 W, 450 W, 1000 W, and 4 KW.

A photochemical process requires a light (photon) source and a catalyst for the stimulation of reaction. It is also referred as ‘photocatalysis reaction’ as well. The photochemical reaction takes place in the quartz-shelled immersion well. Here is where our mercury lamp is immersed. In case the operating temperatures are in the higher levels, then the water-circulation cooling system can also be efficiently utilized. The circulation system works with the help of the water outlet and inlet fitted at the bottom of the double-jacketed vessel. Such reactions usually require using medium-pressure or high-pressure mercury lamp and the cool water circulating helps to keep the temperature of it within safe operating limits.

The most vital part of a reaction is the constant, regulated flow of monochromatic wavelengths. The lamp by us realistically provides an impressive 90% energy transmission ratio. It is thanks to the stringent quality standards maintained throughout the designing and manufacturing process of the lamp.

Technical Properties Photochemical Reactor Uv Visible Lamp:

• Medium-Pressure Mercury UV Lamp

• Energy efficiency ratio – < 90% of energy transmitted

• Energy output – 254 nm

• UV light range – 250 nm – 450 nm (peaking at 254 nm, 356 nm, and 365 nm)

• High-Pressure Mercury UV Lamp

• Energy efficiency ratio - < 90% of energy transmitted

• Energy output – 20% - 25% of the total measured wattage

• UV light range - < 350 nm (peaking at 356 nm and 365 nm)

Applications Photochemical Reactor Uv Visible Lamp:

• R&D for educational and commercial purposes

• Alternative energy development

• Pharmaceutical processes

• Photo-chlorination process

• Environmental engineering

• Water splitting

• Wastewater treatment

• Curing UV lamp

Why Shilpa Enterprises?

We are renowned for designing and producing the best-quality UV lights globally. Thanks to our strict policy standards governing the entire production process out the UV lamp is reliable, effective, and efficient.

To learn more about getting the best photochemical UV lamp send in an email with your query/requirement or call us directly, using the contact information given below.

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