Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles


Technical Specifications:

  • Magnesium: 60.29
  • Oxygen: 39.67
  • Melting point: 2852 °C/5166 °F
  • Boiling point: 3600 °C (6512 °F)
  • Density: 3.58 g/cm3 0.129 lb/in3
  • Molar mass: 40.30 g/mol      
  • Chemical symbol: MgO

Details and Specifications of Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles?

Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles (MgO) is a chemical compound of magnesium and oxygen atoms. They are incredibly tiny particles. These particles measure between 1 and 100 nanometers and have unique physical, chemical, and electronic properties. The small size and high surface-to-volume ratio set them apart from larger Magnesium Oxide Nanopowder.

These nanoparticles are used for many purposes in different industries. It can be used for catalysis, environmental cleanup, and many more.

The MgO nanopowder contains gram-positive, gram-negative, and endospore-forming bacteria. However, it is not harmful to humans and is often used in medical applications. These particles are from a white, natural mineral called periclase, which attracts moisture from the air.

This nanopowder has no smell and is non-toxic. MgO nanoparticles are an excellent antibacterial agent. It is highly resistant to challenging processing conditions. These particles are hard, pure, and have a high melting point. High-quality nanopowder is manufactured using a mechanical milling process. The method is also effective and environmentally friendly.


Nanoscale Size : The MgO nanoparticles are very tiny and have dimensions ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers.

High Surface Area : Because of the larger surface area, these nanoparticles are excellent catalysts and adsorbents. This helps them to have stronger interactions with nearby molecules.

Catalytic Activity : Due to the large surface area and high reactivity, MgO nanoparticles can act as efficient catalysts for many chemical reactions.

Thermal Stability : Tiny Magnesium Oxide Nanopowder stays stable at high temperatures. This makes them great for tasks like catalytic reactions and heat-resistant coatings.

Optical Properties : The nanoparticles have unique optical traits due to the size-based electronic structure. This structure makes them valuable for sensors, displays, and optical tools.

Applications of Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles

MgO nanopowder is used for various purposes. It's a catalyst due to its high surface area. It can also purify air and water by removing toxins. In biomedicine, it aids drug delivery and medical imaging. It strengthens materials for aerospace, automobiles, and textiles against heat and fire. It improves energy storage and electronics. It also finds uses in converters, agriculture, paints, and more.

How to use ?

While using Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles, proper care should be taken.

  • Dissolve the product in a suitable solvent, water, ethanol, or oil.
  • Take the right amount of solvent and nanoparticles.
  • Make sure that the process is gradual. Mix slowly; be slow.
  • It is advisable to use a sonic probe for even distribution.

Safety Measures

  • To reduce the risk of exposure, wearing safety goggles, gloves, and a respirator is recommended.
  • Make sure to work in a ventilated area to avoid inhaling particles.
  • Minimize skin contact to prevent absorption.
  • Clean up spills using wet methods, not dry sweeping.
  • Keep in sealed containers, away from moisture and heat.
  • Be prepared for accidental exposure and have first aid measures ready.
  • Dispose of waste properly, following local regulations.
  • If using in liquids, slowly add and disperse nanoparticles while stirring.
  • Use dedicated tools to prevent cross-contamination.

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