Xenon Lamp Power Supply

  • Supported Watts : 75 watts, 150 watts, 350 watts, and 500 watts
  • LED Display
  • Power Indicator
  • Heavy Metal Body
  • Inbuilt Cooling Fan
  • Easy to Connect
  • Engineered for Long Lasting Life
  • Space Saving Design
  • Smart Overload Protection
  • 220 VAC input

The Xenon Lamp Power Supply (Xenon arc lamp controller) provides the appropriate power to the xenon arc lamp. It is current and power-regulated equipment with universal input and controls the supply of current to the lamp. The xenon arc lamp is a device that emits large amounts of spectral energy in short-duration pulses. It uses ionized xenon gas to produce light, which is similar to daylight. This function requires a solid and steady power supply. The xenon arc lamp accumulates energy in a storage capacitor. When it releases and dissipates this energy, it forms highly excited xenon plasma within the flash lamp.

The xenon lamp power supply has an igniter, which is suitable for various medical and other applications requiring a high number of ignitions. The state-of-the-art design of the lamp controller provides high technical performance in a low compact unit. It has a set of power supplies from a minimum to maximum range. We offer a range of 75 watts, 150 watts, 350 watts, and 500 watts that are suitable for Xenon Short Arc Lamp of respective wattage.

Our products mainly manufactured to meet our client’s necessities and adhere to stringent reliability while maintaining safety standards. With a decade of experience and excellence, Shilpa enterprises is among the leading suppliers of a wide variety of arc lamp power supplies. The Xenon arc lamp controller is used in leading medical, dental, and industrial OEMs. Our significant experience in arc-lamp power supply technology while providing low-cost products that meet high-quality standards make our client relations stronger.

Properties of Xenon Lamp Power Supply

• It is easy to install and use

• It comes in a variety of range depending on the watts of xenon arc lamps

• It has a long-lasting life

• It has an efficiency of >70% at 300 W output, 220 VAC input

Applications of Xenon Lamp Power Supply

The product is applicable for xenon arc lamps used in digital projection and film projection, stage lighting, searchlights, Solar Simulators, UV Sterilization, and medical Illumination.

How To Use Xenon Lamp Power Supply

• There are two connectors on the output side of the power supply.

• The wire with a red marker must connect to the anode of the lamp, where the other wire should connect to the lamp's cathode.

• Air cooling is necessary during the operation.

• Use the power button to switch ON and OFF the lamp.

Safety Measures of Xenon Lamp Power Supply

• The equipment must be handled and operated by trained and qualified personnel as it operates at high voltages.

• Do not remove the cover panels of the power supply when the unit is energized.

• Keep the power supply in a place with it receives ventilation. Check the positioning according to the same. The product should not keep near a wall or obstructive object.

• The power supply requires Periodic checks. Check all electrical connections for better functioning, especially those in the DC circuit.

Why Choose Us

Shilpa enterprise is a firm that specializes in manufacturing and supplying industrial and research grade equipment and materials. We possess knowledge and expertise in the field of the chemical industry for over 13 years. We have a crew of specialists who can understand the demands of the clients. That makes it easy for us to develop the products as per the needs of the clients. Our passion for excellence drives us to learn more with each passing day, seen in our deliverables. We are the foremost producers of xenon lamp power supply. With the product, we also provide manuals and assistance for the installation of the product.


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