Reduced Graphene Oxide
  • Reduced Graphene Oxide
  • Reduced Graphene Oxide

Reduced Graphene Oxide


• Higher aspect ratio

• Ideal porosity

• Excellent electro-absorption capabilities

• Excellent thermal conductivity

• Excellent electrical conductivity

• Excellent optical transparency

• Higher tensile strength

Reduced Graphene Oxide Specifications and Details

Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO), as the name suggests, is a compound (reduced form of graphene oxide) that attains by the synthesis of graphene oxide by reducing oxygen in it. Graphene oxide is a compound of graphene that consists of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, which undergoes thermal, chemical, and many other rigorous methods to remove the oxygen groups. Ultimately it eliminates the demerits of graphene oxide and restoring conductivity.

The reduction of graphene is one of the most cost-effective methods to reach the properties of pristine graphene. The initial component is graphene, which is synthesis from graphite, is a single-layer hexagonal structure compound that is an allotrope of carbon. It is considered a strong material on earth and has numerous applications from defense to electronics and textiles. Usually, reduced graphene oxide is available in powder form; however, the researchers can perform dispersion by their requirements or buy the dispersed state.

The client can purchase it in powder and disperse form at a low-cost and efficient price. It is available per gram or kg and is customizable according to the client's needs if the order is in bulk.


  • Carbon (C): 91%
  • Oxygen (O): < 8%
  • Sulphur (S): < 1%
  • Hydrogen (H): 2%
  • Nitrogen (N): 0.4%
  • Thickness: 0.8nm – 2nm
  • Colour: Black
  • Product Purity: >98.8%
  • Number of layers: 3-6 layers
  • Lateral dimension: 10 microns
  • BET Surface area: > 150 sq. meter/gm
  • Bulk Density: 0.48g/cm3

Properties of Reduced Graphene Oxide

• Chemical Formula – CxHyOz

• Electrical Conductivity – Eliminating the oxygen groups by reduction process fills in the gaps of those molecules, and unrestricted bond forms between the compound molecules. That helps in the effortless conduction of electricity and thus makes the rGO a good conductor of electricity.

• Thermal Resistance – Similarly, the continuous bond of the molecules restricts heat from passing through them. This property is one that it inherits from the original compound, as all the other forms of graphene or graphite are also heat resistant.

• Transparency – rGO significantly absorbs low levels of light, thus making it optically transparent. Therefore, combining it with any polymers gives an excellent result, making the product inherit graphene's strength and the polymer's properties.

• Insoluble In Water – As reduction eliminates the oxygen groups, the compound becomes insoluble in water. Hence, it is useful in applications that require water resistance.

Applications of Reduced Graphene Oxide

• It is useful in sensors such as Biomedical, Chemical, and biosensors.

• It has been used in the research and development process to make new inventions or revise existing ones.

• It is useful in lithium and solar batteries, as well as Photovoltaic cells, as it helps to hold and store electrical energy.

• It is helpful as a superconductor and supercapacitor in electronic devices.

• It helps make membranes, PCBs, and coating films.

How to use Reduced Graphene Oxide?

• Take powder in a container as per the experimental requirement.

• Choose a solvent according to the requirements of the experiment. As reduced graphene oxide does not dissolve or disperse in water, you can use acetone, distilled water, methanol, or ethanol as solvents.

• Mix the solvent with the surfactant, pour this solution into the product, and then use an ultrasonic probe to mix the compounds and make them available for use.

Safety Measures of Reduced Graphene Oxide

• Graphene and its types, including reduced graphene oxide are hazardous to health as per the EPA and government guidelines. Therefore, researchers should avoid regular exposure to it.

• As the particles are in nano size, it accumulates in the respiratory tract and kidneys on inhalation or ingestion. That can cause unnecessary irritation and damage or failure of the organs. The body treats these materials as foreign agents, and since they are not bacteria (they are inert), the body fails while fighting them, thus damaging the organs that it wanted to protect.

• While using the product, the operator must wear a piece of complete protective equipment.

• Use of hand gloves, masks, PPE kits, goggles, face shields is necessary while handling the product.

• If the product spills on the surface, use a damp cloth to clean it. Do not air blow it as it may spread to unwanted places.

• Do not smell the product nor bring it closer to the eyes or mouth. Always make sure that the operation place has adequate ventilation and well lighting.

• On direct exposure of the product to the eyes, wash them immediately with cold water. Do not rub them. Take medical help if any irritation persists.

• On inhalation of the product, rush to open air and breathe briskly. If the researcher is unconscious, give mouth-to-mouth respiration and rush to the hospital immediately in an emergency.

• Similarly, one should wash their mouth with clean water and gargle on ingestion of the product. The operator might likely vomit, which is fine. However, if excessive vomiting persists, run to the hospital immediately.

• Exposure of the product to common people is hazardous. Therefore, follow the government regulations to dispose of the residue product safely.

Why Choose Us

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