High Pressure Needle Valve


Main Highlights

  • Valve size: 6 mm to 50 mm or 1/8" to 2"
  • Working Pressure Range: 1000 psi to 20000 psi
  • Temperature Rate: -20 °C to 350 °C
  • Medias temperature: (-120 °C TO 500 °C) range as per pressure
  • Orifice size: 2 mm to 9.5 mm
  • Pressure rating: 6000 psi, 10000 psi, 15,000 psi, 20000 psi
  • Function: 2-way 3 way
  • Body shape: square, round, hexagon
  • Body type: bar stock, forged
  • Body Material: SS 316, SS 304, MS, Brass, All Types of Alloy Steel Grade
  • Flow pattern: straight, angle, cross pattern
  • Connection: threaded, tube end, butt weld, socket weld

Details and Specifications of High Pressure Needle Valve

From global oil production to aerospace, High Pressure Needle Valves are essential in many industries. They are present in almost all hydraulic systems and keep the system pressure safely below the desired upper limit.

High Pressure Needle Valve, primarily manufactured in brass and stainless steel and hence known as brass needle valves and stainless-steel needle valves, are explicitly used for handling high temperatures and pressure. The main function of a needle valve is to control clean gases and liquids.

Brass needle valves are used for potable water and non-chemically reactive, non-corrosive liquids. Stainless steel, known for its durability, high temperature, and corrosion resistance, is preferred for high pressure liquids. The (HPNV) High Pressure Needle Valve is designed for applications ranging from 15,000 to 60,000 psi (1,034 to 4,136 bar). These valves are perfect for control panels with limited space or for use on test benches.

The non-rotating valve spindle in these needle valves prevents seizing and scoring, even if the valve is rarely opened or only partially closed. The blow-out-proof design ensures safety, especially in applications with high pressure loading and frequent pressure cycles. The valve can be opened or closed fully with just five turns. A mechanical stop for the handle minimizes the risk of unintentional bonnet loosening. The self-centering system allows for quick assembly and disassembly of the handle. The high-quality sealing materials and design ensure long operating times and high tightness.


  • Low-wear design: The spindle head does not rotate within the housing, reducing wear and extending the valve's lifespan.
  • Smooth Operation: The valve handle operates with low torque, ensuring easy and smooth control even under high pressure.
  • Leakage Tested: Each valve undergoes rigorous testing according to BS6755 / ISO 5208 leak rate A standards, ensuring minimal leakage and high reliability.
  • Material and configuration options: A wide selection of materials and configurations is available to meet diverse application requirements.
  • Custom Instrumentation: Customers can request specific combinations of valves and measuring instruments, allowing for tailored instrumentation connections.

Applications of High Pressure Needle Valve

High Pressure Needle Valves are mainly used to regulate circuit pressure and offset weight or external forces. The valve's main port connects to the cylinder's rod end, with a pressure setting slightly higher than necessary to prevent the load from free-falling. These valves are used in various industries and applications, such as machine building and automation, to ensure precise control in the petroleum and chemical industries. They are also essential for injection systems, test benches, hydraulic power packs, and blow-out protection.

High Pressure Needle Valves are also used for wet sandblasting, cutting, and high pressure cleaning. In the oil, piping, pharmaceuticals, and gas industries, these valves provide essential control for high pressure operations to handle extreme conditions, making them indispensable in these applications.

How to use High Pressure Needle Valve?

  • Install the valves in the correct orientation, ensuring they align with the flow direction indicated by the arrow on the valve body.
  • Securely connect the inlet and outlet ports to the appropriate piping or tubing, using the correct fittings and ensuring no leaks.
  • Before pressurizing the system, ensure the valve is closed until it stops by turning the handle clockwise.
  • Gradually open the valve by turning the handle counterclockwise. Open the valve slowly to control the flow rate and prevent sudden pressure surges.
  • Fine-tune the valve to achieve the desired flow rate or pressure. The needle design allows for precise adjustments.
  • To stop the flow, turn the handle clockwise until fully closed.
  • Regularly check the valve for prevention of wear, leaks, or damage. Ensure the spindle and seals are in good condition.
  • Clean the valve components to remove any debris or buildup affecting performance.
  • Apply appropriate lubrication to the spindle and moving parts to ensure smooth operation.

Safety Guidelines

  • Wear Safety Gear: Use gloves and goggles for protection from high pressure fluids.
  • Check Pressure Ratings: Ensure the valve matches the system's operating pressure to prevent failure.
  • Inspect Before Use: Look for signs of wear or damage before operating the valve.
  • Install Correctly: Follow the flow direction indicated on the valve body when installing.
  • Open Slowly: Turn the handle counterclockwise slowly to avoid sudden pressure surges.
  • Adjust Carefully: Make precise adjustments to control flow and pressure accurately.
  • Close Gradually: Turn the handle clockwise to close the valve gently, stopping the flow.
  • Perform Regular Maintenance: Clean and lubricate the valve components for smooth operation.
  • Know Emergency Procedures: Learn how to shut down the system quickly in case of a problem.
  • Avoid over-tightening: Do not over-tighten the handle to prevent damage to the valve.

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