Quartz Disc

L x W
  • Coefficient of Expansion: 5.54 x 10-7 (K-1)
  • Strain Point Temperature: 1343 0K
  • Softening Point: 1933 0K
  • Thermal Conductivity: 1.37 W/m0K
  • Annealing Point Temperature: 1433 0K
  • Average Specific Heat: 771 J/kg. K
  • Optimal Operating Temperature: 1423 – 1473 0K
  • Specific Heat Conductivity: 1.48 W/m. K
  • Density: 2.204 g/cm3
  • Tensile Strength: 49 N/mm2 Poisson’s Ratio (No Unit): 0.17

Description and Specification Quartz Disc

A quartz disc is a piece of quartz crystal, shaped and cut into a flat disc shape. Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral with piezoelectric properties, meaning it generates an electrical charge in response to physical stress. This makes quartz discs commonly used as resonators in electronics and timekeeping devices, such as quartz clocks and watches. The stability and accuracy of the frequency generated by the quartz disc allows for precise timekeeping and synchronization in these devices.

Quartz Disc's Applications

A quartz crucible is a container made of quartz that is used in high-temperature industrial processes, such as semiconductor manufacturing, metallurgical refining, and glass production.

In semiconductor manufacturing, a quartz crucible is used to hold and heat the raw materials in a process called chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which is used to deposit thin films of materials onto wafers. The high temperature and chemical resistance of quartz makes it ideal for use in this environment.

In metallurgical refining, a quartz crucible can be used to melt and hold metals at high temperatures for purification and casting. The transparent nature of quartz allows for visual inspection of the melt, and its high thermal stability prevents contamination of the metal being refined.

In glass production, a quartz crucible can be used as a container for melting and holding glass at high temperatures. The chemical stability and high temperature resistance of quartz make it an ideal material for this application as well.


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