Molybdenum Mo Coated Glass

L x W

• Surface Resistivity – < 1 Ohms/Sq.

• Coating Thickness – 500 nm

• Substrate Thickness – 0.8 mm, 2.0 mm

• Transmittance – Null

• Coating – One-sided

• Customization – Available

Mo Coated Glass Description

The Molybdenum (Mo) coated glass is one of the most acceptable alternatives in improving the present photovoltaic technology. It is especially true for solar cells that use Copper Indium Gallium Dieseline (CIGS) or Copper Indium Sulfide (CIS). These Mo coated glass plates are available in varying thicknesses and dimensions to suit the user's requirements. It is a single side coated substrate which manufactures by the Target sputtering method.

We produced the substrate mainly in 2 varieties; one is 2mm thick, and another has 0.8mm thickness. The resistivity for both is the same, which is less than 1 ohms/sq. Unlike TCO glass, the transmittance at 550nm is zero, and easy to identify the coated side. It is a non-transparent conductive glass. The maximum available size is L200mm x W200mm, whereas our standard sizes are L25mm x W25mm, L50mm x W25mm, L50mm x W50mm, L75mm x W25mm, and L100mm x W100mm. The Maximum operating temperature is 450 °C.

The best part about replacing the conventional CIGS electrode with Mo coated glass plate in solar cells is that it finds perfect synchronization with the CIGS electrode and can enhance its performance to a remarkable extent. Apart from synchronizing perfectly, these substrates also have higher dimensional stability, better thermal, and electrical conductivity. These are in a pure form and are significantly resistant to corrosion and creep.

Mo Coated Glass Features:

• Pure quality Molybdenum coating

• The high-quality substrate used for coating with Mo

• Uniform Mo coating on glass makes it excellent for R&D and industrial/commercial applications

• Excellent energy retention properties

• Superior electrical/thermal conductivity

Why Us?

Shilpa Enterprises supply pure high-grade products to global customers and satisfy researcher demand. It is utilized mainly in the research and scientific labs, educational institutes, and industries. We provide standard and customized Mo coated glass of the best quality to ensure complete reliability and the best results in their applications.


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