ITO Coated Pet Sheet

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  • High-end, fine-quality polyester film
  • Excellent transmittance power
  • Enhanced resistance characteristics
  • Precise ITO coating improves substrate strength, durability, and quality
  • Easily connectable using conductive inks, conductive adhesives/paints, and many more
  • Excellent for EMI-shielding purposes

Details and Specifications of ITO Coated Pet Sheet

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated PET is made by layering Tin Oxide on to a thin and transparent sheet of optical material, in this case, PET. An advanced sputtering method is used by us to create highly-effective ITO coated PET films. The sputtering coating method uses a vacuum-based technique to give perfect uniformity and adhesion to the ITO coat.

Apart from ITO coated PET sheet, other similar products include ITO coating on heat-stabilized film, transparent rigid polyester film, an anti-glare film. Not only this, but customized ITO coated products are also available on order.

The polyester film which coated is capable of excellent transmittance and resistance properties. It is even better than coating glass substrates. The ITO coated plastic is a remarkably flexible and versatile material. The innovative method used allows making one side of the transparent film conductive while the complete film remains transparent. Advanced coating technology will enable us to produce efficiently-stable products. There are numerous applications of ITO coated PET sheets in industries, such as aerospace, and electronics

Technical Properties:

ITO coated PET products exhibit the following physical properties:

  • Configuration – PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) / ITO (Indium Tin Oxide)
  • Passive Layer – No
  • Substrate – Optical-quality PET film/Hard ITO coated PET film
  • ITO coating technique – Magnetron Sputtering in vacuum conditions at excessive temperatures
  • ITO work function – 4.8 eV – 4.9 eV after cleaning (as per UPS readings)
  • Surface Texture – RMS 1 nm – 10 nm (according to a specific product)

Specifications of ITO on PET Sheet:

  • Thickness – 1400 Å – 1500 Å • Sheet Thickness – 0.175 nm (175 microns)
  • Heat Resistivity (R/R 0) - ≤ 1.3 (@ 130˚ C for 30 min)
  • Heat Storage (R/R 0) - 1.3 (@ 90˚ C for 250 hours)
  • ITO sheet Specified Resistivity - 15 ohms/sq
  • ITO sheet Typical Resistivity – 8 ohms/sq ~ 10 ohms/sq
  • Transmittance at 550 nm - ≥ 75% Applications:
  • Biosensors
  • Flexible conduction
  • Solar cells
  • LED, other sleek/flexible optical displays
  • Anti-EMI usage
  • Telecommunications sector
  • Touchscreen devices
  • EL (Electro-Luminescent Lighting)
  • Numerous R&D applications globally

How to Handle & Store?

Expert’s advice that an ideal way to store ITO coated PET films is to keep them within -30˚ C to 40˚ C. After unpacking the product, always check that the surface of the product is free of stains, patches, or holes. The surface of the product should be completely smooth.

Why Shilpa Enterprises?

We have swiftly become the top manufacturer and supplier of high-end ITO on PET products, including clear flexible sheets or other materials. Our advanced magnetron sputtering method allows us to produce only top-quality products for our clients. We offer customized ITO coated products, as per client’s requirements. Avail our special bulk order discount to get affordable, and excellent ITO coated PET sheet products at Shilpa Enterprises.



ITO Coated PET Sheet

20ohms 1.1mm (ITO20X) - Technical Data Sheet

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ITO Coated PET Sheet

60ohms ITOP60Z- Technical Data Sheet

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ITO Coated PET Sheet

100 ohms ITOP100Y - Technical Data Sheet

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