UV Lamp Power Supply
  • UV Lamp Power Supply

Uv Lamp Power Supply


• Controller with built-in advanced microcomputer

• Adjustable and constant luminous power

• Voltmeter and ammeter installed for real-time analysis of changes in voltage and ampere

• Step-wise processing possible with microcomputer settings

• Integrated control technology

• Lowered cost of consumption

• Improved safety in operation

• Optimal control over lamp output

• Compact design and lightweight

• High-end quality maintained throughout

• Input Voltage – 220V

• Step-down transformer

• 220V to 110V

Details and Specification of Uv Lamp Power Supply

UV Lamp Power Supply (UV Lamp Controller) is a device or equipment that supplies electrical power to the UV lamp and medium or high-pressure mercury lamp, which mainly uses in the photochemical reactor. It performs a similar function as the traditional power supply, except it controls the power surges and variable power supply through the mainline current. It prevents the risk of damage to the UV lamp due to an unstable power supply. The equipment ensures that the UV lamp receives the desired supply to carry out effective operations. It is suitable for consistent ignition to a wide range of lamps. Typically, lights have a filament that glows on receiving electrical current. In the case of UV lamps, there exists mercury or a gas mixture inside the lamp. The power supply we use produces a high voltage charge to ionize mercury or other gas mixture in the lamp to create plasma that emits UV light.

The equipment consists of the following components – electronic ballast and constant wattage transformer, and magnetic choke.

Electronic Ballast

The electronic ballast (transformer) regulates voltage in an electrical circuit by increasing it to light the lamp. It uses electrical assemblies containing gas discharge lamps such as mercury, fluorescent, and amalgam. A combination of transformer and capacitor makes a practical constant wattage transformer. The electronic ballast is suitable for UV curing lamps with less than 8 inches arc length.

Magnetic Choke

A magnetic choke, also known as an inductor, regulates the current in a circuit. It blocks higher-frequency alternating currents (AC) while transferring direct current (DC) and lower-frequencies alternating current in a circuit. The component's name is such because it consists of a coil (insulated wire) that wounds on a magnetic core that blocks or “chokes” the current. Thus, the choke controls the overall power.

The UV Lamp Controller has a pressurized and sealed cover made of quartz. It has two electrodes at either end. When the researchers switch on the device, a high voltage passes between the two electrodes. It starts to melt the gases (or metals) in the lamp cover, thus forming the plasma. It develops an arc of energy, which consists of light and UV energy. The plasma is usually seen bending upwards, which includes an ‘arc’ between the two electrodes. Therefore, these lamps are called ‘Curing Arc Lamp.’ The use of this Power Supply ensures that uninterrupted power, even in fluctuating main voltage conditions, is supplied to the UV lamp, which helps in a proficient and consistent photochemical process.

Properties of UV Lamp Power Supply

• The UV Lamp Power Supply is easy to install and operate as it has a built-in advanced microcomputer, which enables step-wise processing.

• We offer a range of power supplies to meet the photocatalytic reactor UV lamp's various power and watt requirements.

• It has a long-lasting life of up to 10+ years.

• It has high efficacy and output rate.

• It supports UV-A (315 to 400 nm), UV-B (280 to 315 nm), and UV-C (100 to 280 nm) lights.

• It is suitable for UV as well as LED lamps.

• The maximum power output of the device is 12 kW.

• It has Adjustable and constant luminous power.

• It has a Voltmeter installed for real-time analysis of changes in voltage.

• It has a low cost of consumption and better safety features in operation.

• It gives ideal control over lamp output with a compact design and is durable and lightweight.

• It has a High-end quality with an input voltage of up to 220V

Applications Uv Lamp Power Supply:

The UV Lamp Power Supply generates the power to a UV lamp for various applications such as sterilization & disinfection of air, water, and surface. It also has applications in illumination, Lighted signs, UV curing, Tanning, photochemistry, phototherapy, and many more.

How to use UV Lamp Power Supply

• Start by making the lamp head DC connections to the power supply and control leads before making the AC power connections.

• The UV lamp power supply consists of a potentiometer, which acts as a current controller to increase or decrease the current supply to the device.

• Make sure you switch off the current supply switch before unplugging the equipment.

Safety Measures

• We suggest that trained and qualified personnel must handle the product.

• The unit of the Power Supply may emit extreme heat when it energizes. Do not remove the cover panels of the power supply.

• Check the power supply periodically so that the connections are in place. Make sure that the connection of the DC supply remains intact.

• The power supply should be where receives proper ventilation so that it does not heat up.

• Avoid keeping it near walls or close areas such as a box or a corner.

• We install thermal switches in the equipment to automatically switch off after reaching a specific temperature for safety purposes. It helps in avoiding any accidents.

Why Choose Us

Shilpa Enterprises is an experienced firm in the industry. We are amongst the top suppliers of industrial as well as R&D grade products and equipment. We have a team of seasoned professionals who understand the needs of the clients easily. Thus, we can provide premium quality products to our clients, which enable us to have a long-term association with them. We have expertise in manufacturing the Power supply required for various types of lamps. UV Lamp Power Supply is one of our top products that have a good demand in the market. We also produce exceptional quality UV lamps. We also supply customize products as per the demands of our clients. We offer the device in a range of 125 W, 250W, 450 W, and 1000 W. We take bulk orders for the product. As we are sole suppliers of our products, we offer them at a low cost. Feel free to contact and place customized orders through the information available on the contact page.


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