Quartz Glass Plate

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• Top-quality raw quartz used to make end-product

• Stringent quality measures ensure maximum purity of the material

• Advanced procuring and processing involved to furnish a constant industrial-grade quality

• Ground edges to prevent accidental cuts

• Customized dimensions and specifications followed for every order

Specification and Details of Quartz Glass Plate

Quartz Glass Plate is also found quite abundantly within the earth’s crust. It is already in use in its conventional form in making several high-end and high-performance consumer products, such as building boats, and in industrial use, including acting as pedestals, wafers or wafer carriers. It finds most application in high-temperature industrial operations.

Quartz glass plate is a highly refined product. We use a specific manufacturing process to produce the best quality quartz plate. Our unique combination of using the best raw material along with a stringent and precise fabrication process allows us to provide industrial/R&D-grade quartz substrate. Our fabrication technique involves using top-quality fused and polished quartz pieces.

Our production process begins with carefully making a mix of crystal flour and top quality quartz sand. This mix is then put in an industrial furnace and melted at extremely high temperatures. Aforementioned is a regulated heating process which allows us to produce products with a purity level of 99.99%. With our innovative production process, we can produce quartz glass plates according to the specific dimensions provided by the client.

Our fused quartz glass is made from SiO2 and shows optimal purity levels. We use an advanced sizing technique to cut the quartz glass into the dimensions specified by the customers. The top quality inherently makes our quartz slides best-suited for every R&D and industrial process.

Technical Properties of Quartz Glass Plate:

• Thermal Conductivity – 1.37 W/m˚ K

• Specific Heat Conductivity – 1.48 W/m˚ K

• Average Specific Heat – 771 J/kg K

• Density – 2.204 g/cm³

• Tensile Strength – 49 N/nm²

• Softening Point - 1933˚ K

• Strain Point Temperature - 1343˚ K

• Annealing Point Temperature - 1433˚ K

• Optimal Operating Temperature - 1423˚ K - 1473˚ K

• Poisson’s Ratio (No Unit) – 0.17

• Coefficient of Expansion – 5.54 – 10-7 (K-1)

Applications of Quartz Glass Plate:

• Liquid filtration

• Analytical filtration

• Lamp covers

• Watches

• Gas distribution

• Gas flow regulation

• Manufacturing Flat Panel Displays (FPDs)

• Single-wafer processers (including susceptors, gas distribution plates, wafer carriers, windows and shower plates)

• Wet cleaning process (manufacturing tanks)

Why Shilpa Enterprises?

We become the prominent manufacturer and suppliers of industrial-grade quartz plates through its stringent quality controls. The complete process – from procuring the best raw material to manufacturing the actual quartz glass plate – is continuously monitored for quality policy adherence, thus ensuring only the top quality products for every customer.

Apart from producing and providing quartz glass plates, we also supplies quartz ingots, quartz substrate, quarts slides, and many more in small and bulk orders.



Quartz Plate

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