Hydroxyl Graphene
  • Hydroxyl Graphene

Hydroxyl Graphene


Thickness: 3-6 nm

Product Purity: >99%

Number of layers: Average no. of layers 3-6

Surface area: 160 m2/g

Production Methodology: Modified Hummer`s Method process

Form: Powder Form

Full Description of Hydroxyl Graphene

The hydroxyl graphene is a functionalized form of graphene, where it is also known as (-OH) group graphene. In this, the (-OH) functional group attached to the 2D graphene through the chemical vapor deposition process. Mainly it is available in the powder form as well as dispersed form, where it is easily soluble in the water and other solvents. Generally, it is back in color.

The purity of this material is more than 99%, whereas the layers present in 3-6 numbers. The average diameter is 5 microns, and the thickness of the particle is 3-6nm. It has a very high aspect, ration with excellent strength. The average surface area is more than 150 square meters per gram, and the bulk density is 0.25 gm/cc.

Application of Hydroxyl Graphene

• Industrial Catalyst

• Battery Electrode

• Aerospace

• Defense

• Automobiles industries

• Research laboratory

• Educational Institutes

Why Choose Us?

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