Quartz Wool


Specification: fiber diameter 3-5um

Silica Content si02≧99.97%

Heat conductivity coefficient - 0.01 ——0.029kilocalorie\M c

End-use temperature :Under 1700 ℃ The moisture content: ≤0.4% ignition loss ≤0.1%

Strength of raw silk fracture >0.05N/TEX

Natural capacity degrees 5-6KG\cubic

End-use temperature: 1300-1600℃

Shape: slender

Soft cotton rigidity: 6-7

Mohs electrical resistivity: 0

Softening point: 1730℃

Quartz Wool Description and Specification

Quartz wool is frequently used to fix filler and as a high-temperature insulator. Pesticides and other easily degradable samples are treated with silane, while acidic samples, including fatty acids and sulfur compounds, are treated with phosphate. The diameter of the fiber is categorized into three categories: coarse, fine, and ultra-fine. Coarse fibers have a thickness of 12 to 15 microns, and fine wool has a thickness of 7-9 microns. Because of its high surface area and thin thickness (approximately 3 microns), ultra-fine quartz wool is comparatively expensive. It can withstand high temperatures with ease. It is also non-flammable, non-combustible, and chemically inert, which makes it more desirable in the industry. We extrude high-purity rods (10-20ppm metallic) into micron diameter to yield the product. This is then gathered and packaged in various packing ranges such as 50gm, 100gm, 500gm, and 1 kg. Fine wool (4-8 micron diameter) and coarse wool are available in 1/2 pound packs (8-15 micron diameter). Quartz wool can withstand temperatures of up to 1100 degrees Celsius.

Properties of Quartz Wool

• Physically the product has a solid form Factor

• It is Milky White and looks like fluffy wool.

• The Molecular Formula of the product is SiO2

• It has an exceptional Melting Point of 1690 ºC and a Density of 2.3 g/cm3

• The Refractive Index of the product is 1.6 with an Electrical Resistivity of 71 x 107 Ω-cm


• Maximizes the surface area available for vaporization.

• Allows for homogeneous and rapid sample vaporization

• Aids in the prevention of boiling point discrimination

• The column is protected from non-volatile contaminants.

Applications of Quartz Wool

It is the best mineral to utilize as an insulator due to its excellent thermal resistance and non-flammability. Because of its exceptional temperature resistance, it is mainly used for insulation. It is used in corrosive fluid and gas filtration, air pollution control, acid filtering, catalyst support, assistance bed in the distillation and HPLC column, IR heat diffuser, filler for analytical instruments, and numerous other applications. The fibers are shaped into the form of wool and can be utilized to make a variety of insulating goods.

How to Use it?

It is mainly used as an insulation bed for catalysts in the reactor column. It is also utilized in a high-temperature reaction mainly as an insulator.

Safety Measures


• Tiny particles can cause discomfort to the eyes.

• Skin inflammation is possible.

• Ingestion may cause digestive tract discomfort.

• Inhalation of the product irritates the respiratory tract. It contains crystalline silica, which can cause respiratory problems and silicosis.

• Chronic exposure may result in lung damage.

Eyes: For at least 15 minutes, flush the eyes with plenty of water, occasionally elevating the top and lower eyelids.

Skin: Wash the skin with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Ingestion: Seek medical attention. Rinse your mouth with water. Inhalation: Remove from the environment as soon as possible and move to fresh air. Give oxygen if breathing is difficult. If the patient is not breathing, provide artificial respiration.

Why Choose Us?

We, Shilpa enterprises, are popular for our quality and affordability. We manufacture high-quality Quartz Wool that is excellent for research and development activities. We have one of the top teams in the market, with over a decade of experience in the chemical business. We offer product customization to fit the needs of our clients. Because we have a specialized QA staff and expertise in fulfilling international quality standards, w, we accept both bulk and individual orders.

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