Quartz Disc

L x W

• High-quality polished fused quartz material

• Optimal purity of the material

• Highly precise laser cut quartz discs with accurate dimensions

• Smoothed edges to prevent cuts when handling

• Customized industrial/research grade quartz discs

Specification and Details of Quartz Disc

Producing industrial and R&D grade quartz glass disc requires using the best material combined with advanced processing technology. Fused Quartz is the hard minerals and is found occurring naturally in the earth. Precision grinding of high-quality polished fused quartz pieces produces the best quartz glass disc today. This technique allows us to control the thickness and diameter of the disc, as per industrial and client requirements.

Our fused quartz disc is made from SiO2 and has an impressive overall purity level of 99.99%. Using an innovative laser cutting technique, we can produce accurately-designed and cut quartz circles for R&D labs and several industries. For additional safety, our product is smoothed carefully at the edges, thus preventing accidental cuts when handling these.

Using a high-temperature furnace, a mix of high-quality quartz sand and crystal flour heated to immense temperatures. That helps to produce a quartz lump of the highest purity. This quartz block is then processed and cut not only into quartz cover slips but also quartz sheets, quartz cylinders, quartz plates, quartz ingots, quartz rods, and quartz tubes. We also provide arc-fused, opaque, and transparent forms of quartz products.

Technical Properties of Quartz Disc:

• Max Operating Temperature (Batch Process) - 1200˚ C

• Max Operating Temperature (Continuous Process) - 1500˚ C

• Optimal Operating Temperature – 1423 0K – 1473 0K

• Mohs Hardness – 5.5 – 6.5

• Density – 2.204 g/cm³

• Tensile Strength – 49 N/mm²

• Thermal Conductivity – 1.37 W/m0K

• Average Specific Heat – 771 J/kg.K

• Poisson’s Ratio (No Unit) – 0.17

• Coefficient of Expansion – 5.54 x 10-7 (K-1)

• Softening Point – 1933 0K

• Strain Point Temperature – 1343 0K

• Annealing Point Temperature – 1433 0K

• Specific Heat Conductivity – 1.48 W/m.K

Applications of Quartz Disc:

Our high-end quartz glass disc finds widespread applications in not only advanced research and development (R&D) but also in numerous industries as well, such as:

• Aviation industry

• Semi-conductor manufacturing

• Laser technology development

• Infrared heat sensors

• Optical window manufacturing

• Heat diffusion

• Corrosive liquid/gas filtration process

• Flow regulation

Handling & Storage of Quartz Disc:

Our quartz products are made from the best raw materials and are inherently strong thanks to their mineral composition. However, our packaging provides additional protection to the products during transport.

Take care when handling the quartz products as you would for any fragile instrument. Store it snugly within soft cushioning at room temperatures to retain optimal purity for longer.

Why Shilpa Enterprises?

Shilpa Enterprises has become the leading manufacturer and suppliers of industrial-grade quartz glass discs and other quartz products. Our team of experts monitors the quality levels at every level of production, right from selecting only the best quality raw material to using advanced precision-based laser technology to produce the desired dimensions in our quartz products.

To learn more about getting your customized quartz products, give us a call or send in an email using the contact information provided.


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