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Automatic Hand Sanitizer Machine


• Model Name - Autosani

• Capacity - 8 litres

• Dimension - 418mm x 300mm x 260mm

• Weight - 5 kg

• Accessories - Power cord and nozzle

• Model Type - Sprayer & Dropper

• Packing - in corrugated Box

• MOQ - 1 Piece

Specification and Details Automatic Hand Sanitizer Machine

The ergonomic design of the automatic hand sanitizer machine makes it practical for use by anyone. The surface of this product is very smooth in finish. Typically the sanitizer dispenser comes with a nozzle for a smooth application. This nozzle is available in SS coated brass material. In addition to this, it is a motion-based machine, which means that it works on a non-taction method, without being touched. Thus, you can be sure of the purity of each drop of sanitizer while using it. The sensor allows the device to detect any motion below the brass nozzle. So, as soon as a hand is placed below it, the valve opens, and sanitizer gets dispensed. In difficult times of COVID-19, this automatic hand sanitizer dispenser keeps our hands clean and germ-free, thereby minimizes the risk of the pandemic to spread further.

Moreover, it comes with rubber protectors attached to its edge and can be wall-mounted or used as a tabletop to suit the needs of the user. It comes in capacities of 8 liters, but as per the client's request and requirement, the size of the machine can be customized. The product is made up of durable ABS material to make it leak-proof, whereas the tank is made up of polypropylene (PP) material. This device is easy to install and comes with a plug and plays policy, which means plug it, and you are good to go. It is ready to use; however, the client needs to pour in any alcohol-based liquid sanitizer in the machine before use. It needs to be purchased separately as the company does not provide it with the product.

The transparent window allows the user to assess the quantity left for use, acting as a check for a refill of sanitizer, for the next use. The valve allows a 0.5ml to 5 ml release, depending on each time when the machine puts to use. The design of the device is as per the power input standards of 220VAC.

How does it work?

The automatic hand sanitizer machine ensures minimal or no contact at all. Usually, it is inbuilt with a photo-sensor. When hands place close to this sensor, it senses the motion. The variation triggers the solenoid valve, and a fixed quantity of the liquid comes out. It is one of the essential product in the current time.

Applications of Automatic Hand Sanitizer Machine

It can be wall-mounted anywhere. Be it offices, factories, shops, house or any other place where people work. For the safety of our beloved ones, we trust the best. And this Automatic Hand Sanitizer Machine gives the best as it loads with the goodness of untouched, pure form of sanitizer. One can get it installed in small or larger quantities as needed. Sanitation is the much-needed thing. This practice can consider as a small investment towards a healthy life, not only for self but for the community too. So it can be used in hotels, banks, airports, shopping complex, theaters, etc. The machine can be installed at the entry and exit points to facilitate the users. 

Safety Features of Automatic Hand Sanitizer Machine

• The brass nozzle should remain untouched during the sanitation process.

• It should be away from the reach of children. 

• The outer body of the machine should be cleaned every day for proper use.

• A check is a must for refilling the tank on time.

• It should be wall-mounted in a suitable place.  


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