Ceramic Honeycomb


• Product name: Ceramic honeycomb substrate

• HS code - 69149000

• Cell density - 400 cpsi

• Wall thickness - 0.2 mm

• Open Frontal Area - 71%

• Diameter - 25mm

• Height - 50mm, 100mm etc.

• Porosity - > 45%

• Maximum operating temperature - 1100 degree C

• Volumetric Surface area - 800 ft2/ft3

• Pore Diameter - 7 microns

Details and Specifications of Ceramic Honeycomb

The ceramic honeycomb substrate mainly manufactured from the cordierite, mullite, and alumina. The cordierite has majorly used material in the development of the honeycombs. Since it is made in a single piece, hence it is also known as the ceramic honeycomb monolith. It works at a higher temperature, which is perfect for most industrial applications.

There are many shapes of ceramic honeycomb substrate in the market, such as cuboidal, elliptical, cylindrical, etc. We also supply some customization in shape as per client requirements. The customization may get expensive since new mold required to open for the development of a new product. There is a variety of cell density available in the ceramic monolith, which mostly in a range from 50cpsi to 600cpsi. The cpsi stand for the cell per square inch, where higher the cpsi, lower the size of the cell. The cell shape primarily comes in a rectangular, square, circular, triangular, and many more. In high cpsi product, the thickness of the cell wall is shallow.

Applications Ceramic Honeycomb:

This ceramic honeycomb primarily utilized in the automotive industry and for pollution control organizations. It worked chiefly as a base material for the catalytic convertor. It provides a higher surface area for the catalyst coating. Based on the type of catalyst design of the substrate, the final product may be known as a three-way catalytic converter, autocatalytic converter, diesel particulate filter (DPF) or diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). It is also required in the heat exchanger media, casting and foundry industries, filtration, as a filter plate to remove sulfur and many more.

Why Us?

The Shilpa Enterprises provide high quality and cost-effective ceramic substrate to industry as well as research and development area. We also cater to deliver the high-end customization to a client according to their end product use. We are playing a crucial role in pollution control by producing these ceramic honeycomb substrates.



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