Aluminum Multi-Foil Gas Sampling Bag


• Product name - Aluminium multi-foil gas sampling bag

• MOC - Aluminium foil, Polyethelene, Nylon

• Bag Capacity - 500ml, 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 Liters, 5 Liters, 10 liters

• Valve MOC - Polypropylene (PP)

• Valve Type - Combo Valve with septum at the top

• Number of layers - 4 layers

Specifications of Aluminum Multi Foil Gas Sampling Bags

The multi-foil gas sampling bag generally made up of the four protective layers where the outer layer is of Nylon, while the inner layer is made up of polyethylene. It makes the sandwich of aluminum foil of thickness 0.000762cm. Hence it is also known as Aluminium multi-foil gas sampling bag.

It is stable fo the low molecular weight compounds like methane, carbon dioxide, carbon mono oxide, and permanent gases, but it not recommended for the low ppm VOCs. These bags are chemically inert and protection to light and moisture. The maximum operating temperature in these is 90-degree centigrade. The sample stability period is 78 hours.

The Aluminium multi-foil gas sampling bags are available in a range of capacity from 500ml to 100 liters. The combo valve is made-up of polypropylene (PP) material, with a hose connection for sample inlet and silicon septum at the top. The diameter of the hose connection is 7mm. We also supply a bag with a dual valve. The valve can be formed in other materials too such as Teflon or stainless steel (SS), which is on-demand as per client requirement.

Applications of Aluminum Multi Foil Gas Sampling Bags

It generally used in the petroleum industries, environmental organizations, scientific and educational institutions. Because of the portable nature of the bags, it is very convenient to carry for gas sampling. It is better to avoid sample collection of unstable or highly reactive compounds.

Why Shilpa Enterprises?

We, the Shilpa Enterprises, manufacture a high-grade gas sampling bags with all possible customization. We also supply products in bulk with cost-effective options. Our Aluminium multi-foil gas sampling bags are portable, ready to use with high accuracy and precision.


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