Tedlar Bags
  • Tedlar Bags

Tedlar Bags


• Extremely flexible yet strong for additional durability

• Efficient for operation in extreme ends of temperature

• Tested stringently for imperviousness

• Completely non-reactant material used for dangerous gases

• Choice of numerous fittings, according to customer requirement

• Portable for on-site use

Specification and Description of Tedlar Bags

Tedlar bags by us are designed to collect gas/air samples. These often required for analyzing air samples for VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), CO (Carbon Monoxide), H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), sulfur hexafluoride, methane, mercaptans, radon, and other such gases.

The air sampling bags fitted with two components – a PVF (Poly Vinyl Fluoride) film and Teflon/PTFE valve fitting. Apart from these, we also provide SS (Stainless Steel) and PP (Polypropylene) valve fittings.

The PVF/Tedlar film used in making the gas sampling bag has proven reliable from over five decades now, ever since DuPont discovered it in 1960. It’s excellent properties, including low absorption rate, higher tensile strength, chemical inertness, and resistance to corrosion and abrasion make it the best-suited material to capture samples of air/gas and store effectively for a significantly more extended period.

Apart from these properties, the material is exceptionally impermeable, meaning it restricts gases from within and outside from mixing and corrupting the gas/air sample. The content is also able to withstand extreme temperatures – cold and hot – making it efficient to use in extreme environments as well. The gas sampling bag is made to use in batch processing as well as continuous processing with equal efficiency.

The Teflon valve fitting is a dual-purpose fitting. It fits perfectly with the Teflon hose which is attached to the valve. The silicon septum can be easily detached. The gas sampling involves using a special air-tight syringe to pour the gas sample through the septum port. The Teflon fitting equipped with a ball-valve type mechanism switch for ON or OFF operation; whereas there is a gate-valve mechanism in polypropylene fittings.

The combined valve and septum setting make it inherently more comfortable and more efficient to collect gas and air samples. Please take note that the Tedlar bags with the non-metallic fitting should be used to collect samples of sulfur compounds, as the SS valves are not suitable for it.

Technical Properties of Tedlar Bags:

• Material (Film) – PVF (Polyvinyl Fluoride)

• Material (Valve) – PP (Polypropylene)

• Thickness (Film) – 2 mil

• Optimal Operating Temperature – 477 ˚ K

• Tensile Strength – 7,980 psi

• Material’s Specific Gravity – 1.69 g/ml

• Capacity – 500 ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, 3000ml, 5000ml and 10 liters

Applications of Tedlar Bags:

• Indoor air sampling

• Assessing the risk of exposure from gas spills/leaks

• Sampling air from flues/vents

• Measurement of anesthetic gases in operation theater

• Soil gas sampling

• Groundwater testing

• Grab sampling

• Gas blending

• Detecting leaks in underground storage tanks

• Sampling at hazardous waste disposal/management sites

• Chimney stack air sampling

• Calibrating gas standards

Why Shilpa Enterprises?

We are a leading name when it comes to manufacturing and supplying industrial-grade gas sampling bag. Our sampling bags are created using the finest of raw materials, thus ensuring completely clean air sampling in any condition and environment.

To learn more about buying bulk and customized Tedlar bags from India, drop an email using the contact details provided.



Tedlar Bag

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