ITO Coated Glass

L x W

• Efficient electrical conductivity

• Optimal transparency

• Uniform coating

• Lower electrical resistance

• Excellent electromagnetic shielding properties

• Thermally/chemically stable product

Details and Specifications of ITO Coated Glass Slides

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated glass is an excellent solution for providing optimum conductivity in solar cells and other devices. This glass categorized under ‘TCO’, or Transparent Conducting Oxide. At Shilpa Enterprises, we produce the finest quality, and most effective ITO glass coverslip using the best quality glass substrates. Our focus on optimal design and functioning allows our ITO glass slides to have optimally low resistance despite being highly transparent too.

Our ITO glass substrate production process involves carefully coating a very thin and uniform layer of Indium Tin Oxide over a high-end glass substrate. It is an extremely delicate process and performed under tightly controlled vacuum-based conditions. We use the reliable Sputtering Method for coating the glass substrate with ITO, within a constant heat of 300˚ C.

ITO Coating Process :

The ITO coating is done on one side of the glass substrate, while the other hand is insulated efficiently. Our ITO glass is inherently stronger, and more durable, thanks to the Silicon Dioxide (Si02) layer sandwiched between the borosilicate glass and the ITO coating.

Indium tin oxide is an optoelectronic substance that researchers utilize extensively in industry. The synthesis has a diverse proportion of tin, oxygen, and indium with a loading of 8% Sn, 18% O2, and 74% In. The amount of oxygen content describes whether the product is ceramic or alloy. ITO is an N-type semiconductor, is electrically conductive, and has optical transparency. It acts as a metal-like mirror in an infrared spectrum.

These properties make it the best fit for electronics and prove easy to deposit as a thin film. An increase in the layer thickness causes a better density of charge carriers and film's conductivity but transparency decreases. ITO applications include Bus bars, conductive strips, and inherently conductive polymers (ICPs). The main advantage of ITO is its environment-friendly processing and manufacturing. We customize the size and specifications of the product as per the requirements of the client.

Technical Properties of ITO Coated Glass :

We designs and develops ITO coated glass slides in varying sizes, precisely according to individual customer’s requirements. Apart from the varying size, these are the general properties of our ITO coated glasses that makes it an excellent solution for numerous industries:

• Dimensions – Varies as per individual requirements.

• Surface Resistivity – Available in ~10 ohms/sq, ~20 ohms/sq and ~100 ohms/sq

• ITO Layer thickness – 20nm to 250nm

• Transmittance – constant 85%

One of the best aspects of ITO coated glass plate from Shilpa Enterprises is that we provide extremely flexible design choices for our customers. Using our advanced Laser Patterning technique, we provide innovatively designed conductive glass, such as square-shaped, rectangular-shaped, and even round ITO discs, all per our customer’s needs.

Applications of ITO Coated Glass :

• Display panels/Optoelectric devices

• Digital Microfluidic devices

• Barium vanadate film substrate

• Solar cell development

• Flat antennae for mobile networks

• HF/EMF/RFI/EMC/EMI protection

• De-icing solutions

• Defrosting in aerospace technology

• Heating and anti-static windows solutions

• LED/OLED manufacturing

• Photovoltaic cells

• Camera technology/Spectro-Electrochemistry technology

• Switchable/smart windows

• Flat/Plasma/LCD displays

Handling & Storage :

• Using clean, lint-free gloves

• By holding the glass at the edges

• By avoiding sliding or static between two glasses

• By washing in a mild detergent mix before rinsing with DI-water followed with hot air drying

• The ideal way to store ITO coated glass is:

• At a temperature between 5˚ C to 25˚ C

• At a humidity level below 60%

Why Shilpa Enterprises?

We are one of the leading producers and providers of ITO glass not only in India but all across the world. The brand is recognized worldwide as being one of the most reliable and efficient suppliers of glass substrates which find application in almost all industrial sectors today.

To learn more about how you can get the best quality, ITO coated glass from India, send us an email, or give us a call directly with your queries, using the contact details.


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