FTO Coated Glass Slides
  • FTO Coated Glass Slides

FTO Coated Glass

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  • Its highly conductive.
  • Excellent optical transmittance.
  • Made for many optoelectronic applications.
  • Typically the transmittance at 550nm is more than 80%.
  • Haze is around 9%.
  • FTO coating's maximum operating temperature is 450 °C
  • FTO7Y Resistivity - 7 ohms/sq. & Thickness - 2.2 mm.
  • FTO15Y Resistivity - 15 ohms/sq. & Thickness - 2.2 mm.
  • FTO10X Resistivity - 10 ohms/sq. & Thickness - 1.1 mm.

At Shilpa Enterprises, we manufacture the FTO coated glass by using the spray pyrolysis method. The fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) doped or coated uniformly over a glass substrate. For coating, we use clear soda-lime glass as a substrate. It is generally a low-cost product as compared to other conductive glass sheets. It is a transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coated substrates, mainly used to fabricate dye-sensitized solar cells and photovoltaics. It mostly uses in organics photovoltaics, hybrid perovskites, FTO heater, thin-film solar cells, EL devices, display technology, and many more applications.

The FTO coated glass is highly conductive and has excellent optical transmittance, making it suitable for many optoelectronic applications. It is highly thermally stable and chemical resistant. The FTO coating's maximum operating temperature is 450 °C, making it more favorable for heater applications. Typically the transmittance at 550nm is more than 80%, whereas the Haze is around 9%. There is no passivation later in between the surface and FTO film. It is a single side coated conductive slides, where the resistivity can be measured using a multimeter or four-probe method.

The FTO coated slides are categorized based on the resistivity and thickness of the glass substrate. The varieties of FTO conductive electrodes utilized as per the applications. Based on the different resistivity and substrate thickness, we produce three variety of FTO glass plates such as FTO7Y (Resistivity - 7 ohms/sq. & Thickness - 2.2 mm), FTO10X (Resistivity - 10 ohms/sq. & Thickness - 1.1 mm) & FTO15Y (Resistivity - 15 ohms/sq. & Thickness - 2.2 mm). Download the technical data-sheet (TDS) for the detailed specifications.

We also customized the FTO coated glass as per the requirement, whereas we further do the patterning service based on the given design. The maximum size we can provide for FTO10X is 405mm x 355mm, where for the FTO7Y and FTO15Y is 300mm x 300mm. We offer a special price for the bulk requirement and supply customized dimensions on clients' demand.

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